Ornlu the Wolf is a hero animal which appears in several campaigns in Age of Empires II. He is also referenced in subsequent Ensemble Studios games. As a hero, he cannot be converted and can regenerate health (since The Conquerors). He is the only hero unit that can be controlled by Gaia and won't switch to player control when found.

Ornlu's in-game appearance is the one of a regular Wolf. Like other wolves, he switches his normal walking speed (and animation) to faster running speed when he attacks other units.

Campaign appearances Edit

Reference in other games Edit

  • In Age of Mythology there is a relic called "Eye of Ornlu" along with a unique Fenris Wolf bearing his name which can only be found in the Editor.
  • In Age of Empires III, the player can collect a treasure called "Eye of Ornlu". The "eye" according to the treasure's description is actually a jewel.
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