Orléans (or Orleans) is a city in France which is featured in several campaigns in Age of Empires II and The Conquerors.

The Age of Kings Edit

Orléans is featured as an allied faction in the campaign scenario The Maid of Orleans of the Joan of Arc campaign, and is represented by the Franks, with the color grey. Only the Gates and the Cathedral are under the allied faction's control, while the rest of the city belongs to Gaia, which is then turned over to the player once they reach the city.

In this scenario, Orleans is a walled city, which is located at the center of the map, past the bridges across the Loire River Valley. The city does not have much resources within, so the player needs to expand outside to gather more. Orleans has some Farms outside the city, which is vulnerable to enemy attacks. The city also includes most Feudal Age military buildings, as well as plenty of House inside the city. In addition to walls, the city is also protected by several Guard Towers scattered around the city's perimeter. The city initially has Feudal Age architecture, which can not be upgraded, since most of the city was previously controlled by Gaia. However, future buildings being constructed by the player will adapt to the player's Age accordingly.

The city is under attack by France's enemy during the Hundred Year's War, namely the Burgundians and the British. The player must convince  the British to withdraw by destroying one of their Castles, while defending the city from attacks, particularly the Cathedral.

The Conquerors Edit

Orléans appears in the campaign scenario A Barbarian Betrothal of the Attila the Hun campaign as one of the enemy factions the player must defeat in order to win, and is the strongest opponent by far. Orleans is still represented by Franks, and this time under the color cyan.

The city is located rather northwest of the map, still past the Loire river. Like its previous counterpart, it is a walled city. However, Castles protect the city this time in addition to towers. In this scenario, Orleans is depicted as an Imperial Age city. Instead of being in a full wall enclosure, the northwest of the city is covered by a Forest, making woodcutting safer compared to its previous counterpart. However, excessive wood cutting may leave the city open, due to the fact it may leave an open space, and the AI does not build/ rebuild extra buildings in this scenario.

When the player manages to destroy its Town Center, the Western Roman Empire will reinforce the city. Metz, its ally, is located northeast and in very close proximity to Orleans. The Burgundians are located southeast of the city, on the opposite side of the river past the bridge. Initially, Orleans is allied to Burgundy, but the diplomacy between the two cities may switch, depending on the player's actions. If the player allies with the Burgundians, that's the only time Orleans and Burgundy would be hostile to each other in this scenario.

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