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A two-player match on Orinoco.

Orinoco is a map in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs, and is similar to Amazonia. The map features a large river that divides the players on either side of it. There is always at least one shallow (though there can be two) that cross the river at the end opposite to where the players are located.


A very defensive map, Orinoco is much like Amazonia in that each player has one half of the map with a river along the middle. However, there is one (or more, in larger games) stretch of swamp on either the north or southern side of the river that lets land troops cross.

Unlike in Amazonia, the player cannot build Docks because of the river's cliffs, except in the swamp area. There is no Trade Route in Orinoco.

Orinoco has pretty standard resources, with several groups of trees, herds and mines occupying each side. There are 4 different possible Native Settlements; Tupi, Zapotec, Carib, and Maya tribes can all appear on the map and populate each side of the river.

Each starting position is near a native trading post, and the enemy is near a trading post of the opposite type. For example, on a map with Tupi and Maya posts, if one player starts near the Maya post, the enemy will be near a Tupi post. Likewise, the Trading Posts on each side of the map will be opposite the one near the player's base.

This map is one of the preferred maps to conduct Treaty style games, usually the one that lasts 40 minutes. This is because it has equal areas for players to collect resources and to build walls. Also, this map features a major chokepoint which is the player-defined "do not cross" line in most Orinoco Treaty games, because that is where the two sides of the map separate.

Treasure Guardians found here are:


Stretching over 2,400 kilometers, the Orinoco River is one of South America’s largest waterways. Discovered by Christopher Columbus during his third voyage to the Americas in 1498, the Orinoco River basin covers 880,000 square kilometers across Venezuela and Columbia. The headwaters of the Orinoco were not mapped until the 1950s, however.

The Orinoco delta is home to the Warao people, whose name translates as “people of the water” - an apt description as the river basin offers substantial fish and wildlife resources. Manatee, river otter, parrots, catfish, and many other types of fauna are found in this land, where the ebb and flow of river and earth have continued unabated across generations. Humid, tropical, lush with life in abundance, the Orinoco region is to this day an example of a world primeval.
—In-game history
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