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Omens is the first scenario of the Fall of the Trident campaign in Age of Mythology.


Arkantos returns to the island of Atlantis, meets up with his son Kastor and talks with the current Theocrat, Krios. Krios tells him that Poseidon is displeased with Atlantis and that the only way to appease him is to go fight in the Trojan War.

Arkantos refuses, claiming that even if the Atlantean Army makes it to Troy before the fight's over, their only task would be to show the banner of Atlantis, which is no job for an Admiral. Krios explains that Agamemnon believes that Atlantis does not pay enough attention to the Greek Colonies and it would shame him if he sent one of Arkantos's junior officers.

Before Arkantos can argue further, a roar is heard coming from the harbor. The three rush to see a Kraken rip apart a ship. Arkantos tells Kastor to stay and he goes to face the monster.


  1. Protect Atlantis by killing the Kraken. (Use Toxotes (archers) and the Petroboli (catapults) to attack from the shore.)
  2. Train reinforcements to defend the harbor until the Atlantean Army arrives. (Train reinforcements and defend the harbor until the Atlantean army arrives.)


  • Arkantos (Poseidon) - The player starts in the Classical Age with Arkantos, many Villagers, many economic and some military buildings, eleven Toxotes and three Petroboli.The player also owns several decorations in the city.



  • Atlantis (Poseidon) - The city of Atlantis, with Krios and Kastor, two Hoplite guards, two Siege Towers, some Guard Towers and buildings. Also owns a Lighthouse, south of the gold mines.
  • Atlantis (Hades) - Has a lone Wonder in the northern corner.
  • Pirates  (Isis) - This player consists solely of two Pirate Ships that try to detach the Trident from the Statue of Poseidon.
  • Atlantis (Poseidon) - Strangely, this player seems to have no purpose as they don't have any units or buildings and does not cast any god powers.


This guide is applied to hard / Titan difficulty. It is, of course, also applicable for the other grades of difficulty.

Immediately as the scenario begins, draw back the Toxotes that is close to the Kraken, before it can grab him and throw him to the rest of the player's starting army, thus causing damage, and then send Arkantos to face it, while also softening it down with the ranged units. On the meantime, immediately research Medium Archers, and the three Armory upgrades; they will make a substantial difference. Also, train as many Villager as possible, and focus them on wood and gold production, with less emphasis on food (which should be collected from Farms). Researching the Storehouse upgrades is a sound tactic.

Another important task to make sure the player has build WALLS on the coast, which will allow the player to buy time to move the Toxotes to the spot when the enemy is landing (or even sink their ship before they land). The player can also build towers if they want some extra firepower (and those cost wood and gold too).

As soon as the Kraken is killed, immediately train as many Toxotes as possible and ignore Hoplite production, as the enemy's forces will mainly consist of infantry, especially Axemen (which counters Hoplites). The waves will usually consist of 1-2 Krakens and 1-2 Pirate Ships, that will disembark variable forces, including Barracks units, Anubites and Scorpion Men. When the next waves arrive, face them with Arkantos, as he is tough enough to resist anything the enemy throws at him, including myth units, while the Toxotes will deal with them, but be careful of Slingers. When the Atlantean Army is 4 leagues away, Athena will remind Arkantos to always remember to call upon his god powers, and she will then grant him the Rain power. Cast it immediately, as food production will be sped up.

When the Army is 3 leagues away, Athena will provide the player with Restoration, in order to heal their battered forces. When the Army is finally one league away, the Pirates will attack in considerable numbers, their forces including three Krakens and six Pirate Ships, two stealing the Trident, while four are disembarking landing parties, consisting of Heavy Spearmen and Guardian Anubites.

Thankfully, the Atlantean Army arrives immediately, and their forces come under the player's control. They consist of 23 Hypaspists, 20 Toxotes, 3 Centaurs, Atalanta and Hippolyta, and will easily stomp the enemy's forces.

It is a simple scenario, and should not be a challenge for any player, but the next scenario is even easier.

Outro Cinematic[]

After the battle, Krios tells Arkantos that the Kraken helping the pirates is another sign that they are losing Poseidon's favor. Kastor points out that the Trident has been stolen from a statue of Poseidon. Arkantos finally agrees to go to Troy, but first he has to get the trident back, this being the main focus of Consequences.


  • Originally the Player was going to own a Temple. However this was changed, it is still possible however to build more, in which the player can train Centaurs to aide them in battle.
  • Despite not having a major role, Zethos is introduced in the outro. Known as "Atlantis", he gives Arkantos warnings. He however appears one final time in Consequences.
  • If viewed in the Scenario Editor, Kastor is represented by Theseus, most likely as a placeholder from earlier development.
  • As a recurring gag, the player can potentially find a Monkey hiding on a small island, south of the lighthouse.


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