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Cheap, well-rounded army of archers and pikemen.
—In-game description

The Old Han Army is a Chinese banner army in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties that can be trained at War Academy and Fuchuan, or automatically spawned for free by the Summer Palace Wonder.

It consists of three Chu Ko Nu and three Qiang Pikemen.


The Pikeman are effective against melee cavalry (also ranged if the enemy does not use hit-and-run tactics) and buildings, and the Chu Ko Nu's are highly effective against heavy infantry and light cavalry.

The Chu Ko Nu fires 3 arrows every 3 seconds, which means it shoots more projectiles over time than other ranged units except the Flamethrower, making it easier to micromanage, and the Qiang Pikeman backs the Chu Ko Nu up very well by protecting it from hand cavalry. The Old Han Army is very easy to mass in large numbers, as it is cheap. There is an Industrial Age Home City card named Old Han Reforms that gives both units an extra 100% HP and attack, but increases their wood and food costs up to 50%, making it highly effective in late game as well, especially if they are trained before the card is sent, making it a strong cheap force.

The Chu Ko Nu has a greater multiplier against heavy infantry and light cavalry than most archer units, especially with Repelling Volley, increasing the multiplier from 2x to 3x, making it highly effective when micro-managed properly.

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