This article is about the hero in the Age of Mythology. For the hero Age of Empires, see Hero Odysseus. For the hero in the Age of Empires: Mythologies, see Odysseus (Age of Empires: Mythologies).
""Your reputation proceeds you"
"As does yours"
Arkantos and Odysseus, meeting for the first time.

Odysseus is famous in literature as a character in the Iliad and the Odyssey. In Age of Mythology, he is the Classical Age Hero for Zeus, and is also a recurring character in the Fall of the Trident Campaign. The stats to the right are for the regular Odysseus, not the one in the Campaign.

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  • Odysseus has 320 hit points.

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  • Odysseus has 300 hit points.

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"The ruler of the island of Ithaca, Odysseus was one of the most prominent Greek champions in the Trojan War. The stratagem of the Trojan Horse was his idea. Following the victory at Troy, he set out on his ten year journey home, chronicled for all time by Homer in the epic poem, The Odyssey. Along the way, Odysseus and his crew had to deal with many adventures and misfortunes, some of their own making and some thanks to intervention of the gods. By blinding the Cyclops Polyphemus, they incurred the wrath of Poseidon who troubled them for years. Thanks to help from Zeus and other gods, Odysseus arrived home alone to find his wife Penelope plagued by suitors. Disguised as a beggar he first determined that Penelope had been faithful, and then slew the men pursuing her and cleansed his palace. This triggered a final battle against the families of the men killed, but peace was restored by Athena."
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Odysseus follows Arkantos on his journey in the Norselands, Troy, and Aeaea. In the campaign's prologue, Troubled Sleep, Odysseus, along with Ajax, Chiron, Agamemnon, Amanra, witness Arkantos fighting his old enemy Theris in his dream. After Theris dies, Athena speaks, and Odysseus and the other accomplices and friends die and leave the dream.

Shortly after Arkantos reaches Troy and destroys the harbors with Agamemnon, Odysseus appears in the next scenario, and is fighting with him in Troy until he, Arkantos and Ajax use the Trojan Horse to sneak into Troy, signal the army, then take the city. Odysseus leaves on his famous 10-year journey home, while Arkantos stays on his quest.

Odysseus doesn't appear again until the end of the Egyptian campaign, in a scenario where Arkantos and Ajax, transformed into boars by Circe, go to a Temple of Zeus to change him, Ajax, and Odysseus' army into humans so they can destroy Circe's fortress and leave.

Odysseus stays absent from the campaign until the end of the Norse campaign, where after Arkantos reforges the Hammer of Thor, there is an explosion, then Odysseus runs into Arkantos' army. Soon they leave with what they think is the head of Gargarensis, Arkantos' new enemy (but it is actually Kemsyt's). Soon, Odysseus sees from a ship Arkantos fighting Gargarensis at Poseidon's temple in Atlantis. After Gargarensis is killed, Arkantos passes out on the beach, then Athena makes him immortal for his work. Odysseus and the other friends believe him to be dead and leave.

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In the campaign, Odysseus can regenerate after falling in battle.

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