Major god Tech tree Strategy

Odin's focus is on human soldiers (especially elite ones) and siege weapons.

Strengths Edit

All his human soldiers regenerate hit points, which means that less resources need to be spent replacing fallen soldiers; this is a rare ability for the Norse. As a raiding god, Odin relies on early aggression to win a battle. This is made easier thanks to his minor god roster, many of whom improve cavalry. Odin also grants extra hit points to the powerful Hill Fort units, helping them to survive, especially his Huskarls and Jarls who regenerate as well. Furthermore, Norse siege weapons are weak, and extra hit points are welcome. The Lone Wanderer technology makes rushes with Ulfsarks even quicker, and also makes them more efficient at scouting. An Ulfsark will also take less time to reach enemy territory where they can begin building a forward base. On water maps such as Islands, Odin also has access to numerous technologies that improve his navy and the Kraken myth unit (if Njord is worshiped in the Heroic Age), making him a fearsome opponent on the water.

In addition, from the Classical Age onward, Odin gains two Ravens. These are the only dedicated scouts available to Norse civilizations. In the Extended Edition, the Ravens now appear as soon as a Temple has been built, enabling Odin worshipers to scout even earlier. Finally, as of Patch v1.02, Odin makes hunting more efficient, which is a useful economic bonus on some maps. His god powerGreat Hunt, ties in with this as it adds further huntable animals that are hunted more quickly. 

Weaknesses Edit

Alongside Gaia, Odin is considered one of the weakest Major Gods in Age of Mythology by competitive players. As of The Titans expansion, Town Centers could be built as early as the Classical Age, making it harder for Odin to raid. His Jarls, who are his strongest soldiers, are still vulnerable to the arrows of defensive structures, especially once the enemy has researched Crenellations. Without access to Bragi in the Heroic Age, Odin is vulnerable to attacks consisting mainly of cavalry. The Norse lack a heavy cavalry counter unit, forcing them to rely on the Ulfsark who is a light counter. Without access to the Swine Array technology, Odin's Ulfsarks will stand no chance, especially against an army of Cataphracts.

Although his human soldiers regenerate, the rate is very slow overall and even slower when a unit isn't idle. Since the Norse are an aggressive civilization and their infantry are responsible for constructing buildings, soldiers will always be in movement, leaving no time for them to rest and regain their lost health.