Odenathus, Lord of Palmyra (Odenathus vs Persians in the original) is the fourth and last scenario of the Enemies of Rome campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The Palmyrans must face the Persian armies on the battlefield.

Scenario instructions[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

The Emperor and the main Roman armies are busy defending other frontiers. They are relying on you, Odenathus, Prince of Palmyra, to defend the East. Persians are besieging the city of Edessa and have captured other towns nearby. You are to drive the Persians from the area.
—In-game section

Starting conditions[edit | edit source]

Objective[edit | edit source]

  • Destroy the Persians.

Hints[edit | edit source]

  • Because supplies are very limited in this region, so you must protect your remote supply camps at all costs.
  • A defensive strategy is necessary until you have built enough troops for a sure victory.

Players[edit | edit source]

Player[edit | edit source]

  • Player (Palmyrans): The player starts with a small fortified base, protected by walls and towers with a small group of Slingers and Bowmen, and two undefended small base near the center of the map.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Persians (Persians): The Persians (your enemy) stars with two large bases, with plenty of resources available and already have a force of Bowmen , and Stone Throwers.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

You start off with a small fortified base, protected by walls and towers with a small force of Slingers and Bowmen, and two undefended small gathering bases near the center of the map - one Granary with Berry Bushes, and one Storage Pit with Gold and Stone Mines.

Your enemy, Persia (red) have two bases, both somewhat large with plenty of resources available and already have a force of Bowmen and Stone Throwers in their first base.

The Walls and Towers will protect your base for now, so split your troops between the two outposts, and build some military buildings there while you train more Villagers. The Palmyrans have good archers, so train some Composite Bowmen as soon as possible. If the Persians use lots of Cavalry, train Camel Riders, but if not, save the resources.

The Persians will at first train Long Swordsmen from their Barracks in the southeast, then train Armorer Elephants from their Stable. Taking out these buildings near the beginning will permanently prevent the Persians from building either of these units, since they will not rebuild military buildings.

Your Composite Bowmen, plus some Stone Throwers or Ballistas, will be enough to take down the enemy if you act quickly. If you decide to gather resources and wait patiently, make sure to create plenty of Heavy Horse Archers, as they're efficient against almost all units if used properly, and Priests to convert Persia's Armored Elephants. Make sure the first base is completely destroyed before moving on to the next. Hunt down the last unit and victory will be yours.

History[edit | edit source]

Historical notes[edit | edit source]

The Palmyran army under Odenathus intercepted a Persian force loaded with booty that was retreating from raids in western Asia Minor. Abandoning their loot, the Persians fled across the Euphrates. After a brief foray into Syria to remove a tyrant attempting to establish his rule there, Odenathus invaded lost Roman provinces east of the Euphrates. His army was mainly light foot archers, heavy cavalry, lancers, and camelry. He drove the Persians from their siege of Edessa and recaptured other towns. In the next few years, he raided into Armenia and Mesopotamia, defeating Persian armies at each encounter and twice capturing Ctesiphon, the Persian capital.
—In-game section

Victory[edit | edit source]

The emperor applauds your complete victory over the Persians. Rome is extremely pleased to see our Palmyran allies drive the Persians from our provinces in the East. Our trust in you has been well confirmed. You are our most loyal and valuable ally in the East.
—In-game section

Defeat[edit | edit source]

Your failure to drive the Persians back has added to Rome's frontier problems. Most of the eastern part of the empire is now open to further Persian raids and conquest. We are removing your title "Duke of the Orient" because you are no longer worthy.
—In-game section
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