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You have advanced to the Classical Age through the Guidance of Oceanus.
—Age up text in Age of Mythology

Oceanus is an Atlantean Classical Age minor god in Age of Mythology. He is available to worshipers of Gaia and Oranos.


God Power[]


  • Bite of the Shark.png Bite of the Shark: Increases Murmillo, Hero Murmillo, Fanatic and Hero Fanatic hack damage by 15%.
  • WeightlessMace.png Weightless Mace - Increases Katapeltes speed by 10% and hack damage by 15%.

Myth Units[]

  • CaladriaIcon.png Caladria: Fast flying unit with healing ability, but no attack.
  • ServantIcon.png Servant: Naval unit with healing ability.


Oceanus provides access to two Myth units, both of them primarily for combat support. The first unit, the Caladria, is a fast flying unit capable of healing friendly units, especially idle ones. The second unit is the Servant, a naval unit that can also heal friendly units, being especially effective at healing ships. Unlike the Caladria, the Servant can also fight, but it is ineffective in combat so it is best used for healing purposes. Oceanus also provides two improvements, Bite of the Shark and Weightless Mace, which boost the attacks of Murmillo (and, in the Extended Edition, Fanatics) and Katapeltes respectively. Therefore, Oceanus is a good choice for the Classical Age when focusing heavily on infantry. His God Power, Carnivora, summons a giant carnivorous plant able to instantly devour enemy soldiers, while also being decent in close-quarter combat. However, it cannot move, so it is quite susceptible to archer fire. Carnivorae can be summoned up to three times, both on land and in water. They cannot be repaired or healed, though they gain the ability to regenerate HP with the Mythic Rejuvenation technology available to Hekate worshipers in the Mythic Age. If the player chose Oranos and then worshipping Oceanus, their Murmillos and Katapeltes move 10% faster, Murmillo's hack damage is increased by 15% if Bite of the Shark is researched and Katapeltes move 25% faster and gain +15% hack damage.


Oceanus was the personification of all oceans, or a great river that flowed in a circle around the earth. He was a source of all fresh water. In later time he personified the seas outside the Pillars of Hercules (the Straights [sic] of Gibraltar), or what we know today as the Atlantic Ocean. The oldest of the Titans, he fathered other gods who personified all rivers, lakes, and ponds with his sister/wife Tethys. Oceanus is portrayed as a horned god with the tail of a serpentine fish. He did not fight with Kronos in the Titanomachy.

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