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This article is about the building in the handheld game. For the building in the PC game, see Obelisk.

The Obelisk is a building in Age of Empires: Mythologies available to the Egyptians. It can only be built by heroes, such as Hatshepsut, but they can be placed on any tile of a map.

Their main purpose is to provide line-of-sight for the player at key locations around the map. An Obelisk may not be built within 2 tiles of another Obelisk so they cannot be used to barricade a wide area of the map. However, they can be used to seal off choke points such as bridges and slow down the advance of enemy units. Because they act as road tiles, Obelisks can also be built over hill and forest tiles that slow down the player's units. This will make the player's own units more mobile as well as provide a location for units to retreat to and heal without having to return to a town. Obelisks also slowly generate a small amount of favor per turn.


  • Cost: 30 food, 30 gold
  • Type: Building
  • Maximum: 5
  • Defense: 20
  • HP: 40
  • Sight: 5
  • Income: 3 favor

God bonuses and upgrades[]


Ra reduces cost and increases HP by 10%
Isis reduces cost by 30%

  • Divine Protection (Isis): blocks enemy god powers within a 2 tile radius
  • Hieroglyphs (Thoth): generates +15% favor


Set increases HP by 5% (Age II onward)
Sobek increases HP by 5% (Age IV only)
Sekhmet increases HP by 10%

  • Masonry: increases defense by 10%


  • Isis' Protective Aura research should enable Obelisks to grant +5% defense to units who share its tile, but due to a bug it does not.