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Nyx is the goddess of the night and a Greek minor god in Age of Empires: Mythologies. She is solely available to worshipers of Hades.


God power[]

  • Maw of the Abyss: opens a gate to the depths of Tartarus. Through this gate pours energy that heavily damages adjacent units. Lasts for three turns.


  • Reveals the entire map, leaving only the Fog of War.


  • Mother of Death: units killed by enemy heroes are reborn in place as a Shade.
  • Mother of Strife: human units suffer strength reduction due to damage as if they had 25% more of their maximum HP than they do.
  • Mother of Misery: enemy human units regenerate 10% less HP at the start of the enemy's turn while they share the same tile as an enemy building.
  • Mother of Deceit: units hide their HP from enemy units unless there is an enemy unit directly adjacent to them.

Myth unit[]

  • Shade: these light infantry type Myth Units are cheap but extremely frail.


Nyx is not very effective against the AI as they suffer little from her researches, noticeably Mother of Deceit. Rather, she is a more effective choice in multiplayer games where human players. She grants player greater knowledge of the map just from being worshiped. But Nyx's main purpose is to delay battles. Mother of Misery slows down the regeneration rate of enemy human units, forcing them to remain out of battles longer in order to be at full health again. Friendly human soldiers killed by enemy heroes can respawn as shades with Mother of Death, which can either continue blocking a narrow path or retaliate immediately on the player's next turn. Shades are too weak to be an effective fighting force and a more useful as scapegoats, as for a modest price they force enemies to use up a unit's attack. Mother of Strife enables human units so remain strong even after suffering greater damage, retaining their usefulness longer. Maw of the Abyss is her strongest asset, as the gate deals heavy damage to any unit crowded around it. The gate also acts as a player's building so enemies cannot travel over it.