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The Nuke Trooper is a cheat unit in Age of Empires. Once the code is typed, the unit spawns immediately at the Town Center. Building a new Town Center automatically spawns the unit at that Town Center. It is also available in the Scenario Editor (Definitive Edition only).

Like its distinct relative, the Laser Trooper, Nuke Troopers have the appearance of a futuristic looking spacesuit, but armed differently with a bazooka. It has higher attack and much greater range than the Laser Trooper, but at a cost of a much slower attack rate and slight handicap against other units. It fires projectiles like that of the Winsett's Z, although at a much greater range and slower speed. Nuke Troopers attack every 9 seconds, dealing 600 damage per hit. Despite its superior stats compared to a standard unit making it hard to destroy, its stats cannot be upgraded and it is vulnerable to conversion.


  • In-game stats reveal that it deals 300 damage per hit, but it actually does 600 damage. With these stats, it can even demolish a House or a Watch Tower in one strike (600/5 = 120 damage to buildings).
  • Nuke Troopers can one-hit-kill all moving targets with the exception of certain units and heroes with specific civilization bonuses. These include Carthaginian elephant units, Carthaginian Hero Hannibal, and Yamato Cleopatra's Barge.
  • Nuke Troopers deal Area of Effect damage twice as large as a Heavy Catapult.
  • If placed at a higher elevation or cliff, the damage dealt per hit can be as high as 900, the most attack done by any unit in the game (tied with the Winsett's Z and the Winsett's other Z).
  • Even if the map is fully revealed with no fog of war, it cannot attack enemy units directly unless it is a building or set to attack ground.


  • When it dies, the unit falls backward twice prior to disappearing. Unlike other units, it disappears immediately without any remains decomposing. Other units that share this unique feature include its relative, the Laser Trooper. The Winsett's Z and its derivative also have this ability, although with a different death animation.




NUKE TROOPER vs EVERY UNIT - Age of Empires- Definitive Edition

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