The Nordic Swordsman in an untrainable infantry unit in Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten. It appears in several campaign scenarios and is also available in the Scenario Editor. In the Definitive Edition, the unit is renamed to "Norse Warrior".

The Nordic Swordsman has exactly the same stats as the Eastern Swordsman and only differs from the regular Long Swordsman by lacking the attack bonus against buildings.

Ironically, despite being named "Swordsman" their sprites clearly show them wielding a hand-axe.

Notable appearances Edit

Nordic Swordsmen often appear to be serving European players, such as in The Rebellion of Melus (second scenario of Bari), where there are such units serving Melus.

Besides that, in The Elopement (third scenario of Prithviraj), there are Nordic Swordsmen renamed as "Elite Red Guards", serving Raja Jaichand in Kannauj as two pairs. Though it is possible to backstab one, it would alert the partner and the entire guards.

Trivia Edit

  • The reason for the name "Nordic Swordsman", despite the unit wielding an axe, is due to the fact that the old model of this unit (before The African Kingdoms) does in fact carry a sword.

Gallery Edit

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