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Nomad map set up

Nomad is a random map featured in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors and Age of Mythology. "Nomad" denotes the period before the Dark Age and Archaic Age respectively. In both games, players do not begin with any buildings and need to build a Town Center in a location of their choosing before they can advance technologically.

In Age of Empires and Age of Empires III, Nomad is not a particular map but is instead a setting that can be enabled for any map. If enabled, players will begin without any buildings and with just enough units to establish a settlement.

Age of EmpiresEdit

In Age of Empires, Nomad is a game mode that is enabled in the settings for random map and Deathmatch. In this mode, all players spawn with only one Villager. The placement of the Villager is still affected by fixed positions.

Age of Empires II: The Conquerors Edit

In The Conquerors, players begin with three Villagers scattered about the map, which consists of a large landmass surrounded by ocean on three sides. Occasionally lakes and rivers may be present in the middle of the map. The land may feature temperate terrain with Pine Trees and grass, or desert terrain with Palm Trees and sand.

Tactics Edit

Ideally, when picking where to build their Town Center, players should vie for a settlement that includes an abundance of every resource, but food and wood are top priorities since without them the player cannot build houses or train villagers. The player should try to explore as much of the map as possible with the other villagers and do not wait a long time to build a town center because the enemy might have already built their own.

In multiplayer, teams can try to unite their villagers early in the game in an attempt to quickly destroy their opposing player's forces. However, such a tactic is risky at best as failure could lead to a severe economic disadvantage. Teams may also build their bases very close to each other (or even together), trading availability of resources for safety.

Age of Mythology Edit


Nomad map in Age of Mythology

"Your Villagers start scattered with no Town Center. You'll need to find a Settlement to occupy during the time that combat is prevented."
Map description.

Nomad in Age of Mythology is very similar to its Age of Empires II counterpart, however it is instead depicted only as a semi-arid land with no rivers or lakes, and ocean on three sides of the map. There are many chokepoints in the land, as there are neat numbers of cliffs, and decent amounts of mixed oak and palm forests.

Once again, each player begins with three Villagers (two for the Atlanteans) randomly scattered around the map, the game starting at nightfall. Norse players however start with three Ulfsarks instead, as Gatherers cannot build.

By the time the game begins, a special Ceasefire is cast, and as it draws to its conclusion, the sun rises. Huntables in this region are typically African, including Baboons, Elephants, Giraffes, Rhinoceroses, and Zebras, and there are also plenty of stray Goats, and some Berry Bushes. Fish are present in the waters, and include Mahi-mahi.

As Town Centers can only be constructed on top of abandoned Settlements, players are more limited as to where they can construct their own settlements compared to Age of Empires II. Atlanteans have a huge advantage in this map as their villagers can start to collect resources since the beginning of the game, Oranos have the most advantage in the map as this major god can see the location of all abandoned settlements.

Trivia Edit

  • This map is the only one in the vanilla game to alternate between unique lighting modes; the starting lighting is "Night", and as Mother Nature's Ceasefire goes on, the lighting alternates to "Dawn".
  • Nomad is one of the two maps where Mother Nature casts a god power, the other being Open Fields.
    • The Ceasefire never occurs during a Treaty Match as no player, including Mother Nature, can cast God Powers during the treaty's duration.
  • Due to an oversight by the Forgotten Empires team, Peasants do not have their construction speed increased during the Ceasefire.

Age of Empires III Edit

In Age of Empires III, Nomad is a game mode that can be enabled for any map in the game. In Nomad games, European civilizations begin with an Explorer and a Covered Wagon. Native Americans begin with a War Chief and a Town Travois and Asian civilizations begin with a Monk and a Town Rickshaw and a free resource building rickshaw (e.g. Cherry Orchard) . The wagons allow players to build a Town Center for free in a location of their choosing. Once the Town Center has been constructed, several free villagers and resource crates will spawn around it.

Bugs Edit

  • On some maps the covered wagon may appear outside the playable area of the map, and be unable to move, or get into the playable area to begin construction.

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