New england mini map

New England is one of the maps in Age of Empires III. It is located in the northeastern part of North America and it borders Carolina, Great Lakes and Saguenay.

In the original version of the game, two Iroquois or Cherokee can be found here. In the Warchiefs expansion, as the Iroquois are a playable nation, the Huron replaces them instead. Note that only one tribe can be found, so if the player sees a Cherokee settlement, the other settlement will also be Cherokee.

There are plenty of low/medium level treasures found on the main area of the map. Naval fights can be conducted along the shores and one/two high-leveled treasures can be found in islands off the coast, depending on how the game generates the map. Plenty of resources such as trees, deer and sheep can be found throughout the New England landscape.

Regardless of the generated map, a trade route cuts a line diagonally straight in between the two native settlements to just off the coastline. There are always four trade route sites on this route.

An island is always guaranteed off the coast of New England, containing several trees and a high-level treasure. Occasionally there may be two islands instead. The islands are big enough to fit several buildings, but not enough to create a proper colony. Players with naval dominance can shell enemy settlements near the shore with Monitors.

History Edit

"Comprising six states (Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut) in the northeastern United States, New England is bound in the west by the Appalachian Mountains. Rocky coastal plains extend to the shore and are not especially suited to farming. The forests and trees of New England are known for their spectacular fall color. A wide variety of trees contribute to the colorful display - birches, basswoods, and aspens put on bright yellow colors; red oaks, sugar maples, and tupelos put on red foliage.
European settlers to the area concentrated on fishing and whaling when they found the thin soil poor and largely unsuited to cultivation. However, they found an abundance of wild game and wild food sources, many of them pointed out to the early settlers by friendly Native Americans in the area. Of the six New England states, four of them were among the original thirteen colonies. Vermont became the fourteenth state and Maine became the twenty-third state after separating from Massachusetts.

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