"You have advanced to the Heroic Age through the Rituals of Nephthys."
Age up text in Age of Mythology

Nephthys is an Egyptian Heroic Age minor god in Age of Mythology. She is available to worshipers of Isis and Set.

Attributes Edit

God Power Edit

  • AncestorsIcon Ancestors: Summons an army of undead Minions for a limited time to assist in attack or defense.

Technologies Edit

  • FuneralRites Funeral Rites: Priests and Pharaohs do increased damage to myth units
  • SpiritOfMaat Spirit of Ma'at: Priests and Pharaohs heal twice as fast, priests are 20% cheaper.
  • City of the Dead City of the Dead: Pharaohs gain 30% HP, 20% attack, and respawn faster when killed.

Myth Units Edit

  • LeviathanIcon Leviathan: Living naval transport with a huge amount of hit points.
  • ScorpionManIcon Scorpion Man: Fast melee unit that can poison nearby units.

Strategy Edit

Nephthys improves Egyptian heroes, making her a good choice against an enemy that is mass-producing myth units. She improves the attack of both Priests and Pharaohs, making them devastating to Myth Units. Priests are also made cheaper, and the Pharaoh is improved all round. The units also have their healing abilities greatly improved, making armies heal quicker so they can attack again sooner. The Leviathan is unique as it is a myth unit naval transport.

Note that if Isis players choose to follow Nephthys and then Osiris, City of the Dead does give the Son of Osiris a significant hit point boost.

Mythology Edit

Her name means “lady of the castle.” She was another daughter of Geb and Nut, and the wife of the evil Set. Denied a child by Set, she tricked Osiris into fathering a son, Anubis. She was associated with funerary rites, one of the key rituals in ancient Egyptian life. She normally appears as a woman with mummy wrappings for hair.

"Nephthys saith unto the Osiris Ani, whose word is truth:- I go round about thee to protect thee, O brother Osiris. I have come to be a protector unto thee. My strength shall be near thee, my strength shall be near thee, for ever. Ra hath heard thy cry, and the gods have made thy word to be truth. Thou art raised up. Thy word is truth in respect of what hath been done unto thee. Ptah hath overthrown thy foes, and thou art Horus, the son of Hathor."

-- the Papyrus of Ani

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