This article is about the unit in the PC game. For the unit in the handheld video game, see Nemean Lion (Age of Empires: Mythologies).

The Nemean Lion is a Greek Heroic Age myth unit available if worshipping Aphrodite.

Special Attack Edit

Roar: unleashes a deafening roar that causes 30 hack damage (×2.33 vs Myth Units) to nearby units. Recharge time: 20 seconds.

Attack bonuses Edit

  • Myth Units: ×2
  • Heroes: ×0.5

Upgrades Edit

Specific Edit

  • RoarOfOrthus Roar of Orthus (Aphrodite): reduces hack vulnerability by 20% and pierce vulnerability by 50%.
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Nemean Lions are quite powerful in combat, with a large attack and high amount of hit points. As such they can defeat human soldiers with ease, though like all myth units they are vulnerable to heroes. Also they have high pierce armor allowing them to shrug off archer fire and since they inflict crush damage can tackle buildings if necessary. Their special attack, coupled with their durability and damage means they need little micromanagement.

Mythology Edit

Scientific name -- Leo biaxomus
Size -- 6000 lbs.
Diet -- carnivore

A large and ferocious lion that lived on the plains of Nemea, it terrorized the area and could not be killed by normal men, who ran in fear from its mighty roar. The first labor of Heracles was to kill the Nemean Lion. When Heracles discovered his arrows and other weapons had no effect on the beast, the hero closed with it and used his incredible strength to strangle it. He skinned the beast and returned with its skin as a cloak. Heracles was thereafter depicted wearing the cloak of the Nemean Lion.


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