"Navajo sheep raising skills let your herd animals fatten much more quickly on a Livestock Pen, Farm, Village, Shrine, and Sacred Field."
In-game description

Navajo Shepherds is a technology in Age of Empires III: The WarChiefs that can be researched at a Trading Post built on a Navajo settlement. Once researched, it doubles the rate at which livestock fattens over time, with an additional 30% when tasked to Livestock Pens, Farms, and Villages. In The Asian Dynasties, it also increases the XP generation rate of Indian livestock when tasked to Sacred Fields by 30%, and the contribution of Japanese livestock to Shrines' resource/XP trickle by 30%.

Strategy Edit

Navajo Shepherds is exceedingly powerful for civilizations which makes use of livestock more than others, especially British, Chinese, Indians, Iroquois, and Japanese.

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