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Native warriors are a class of units in Age of Empires III and its expansion packs.

Native warriors can be trained by building a Trading Post on a native tribe or religious community settlement. They cost food and wood and do not take up population space, but have a build limit which can be increased by building Trading Posts on other settlements of the same native tribe or religious community. Native warriors can be upgraded to Elite and Champion levels (or Disciplined and Honored in case of religious communities), and by researching Legendary Native Warriors or Exalted Natives which upgrades them to the Legendary level (or Exalted in case of religious communities). They have the AbstractNativeWarrior tag in the game files.

From The WarChiefs, players can build Native Embassies to train native warriors at locations beyond the Trading Post site. Originally in that expansion, Spies and Ninjas had a bonus against the native warrior class, but it was removed in the Definitive Edition. Currently, no unit have a bonus against them.

List of native warriors[]

Age of Empires III[]

Aoe3 aztec eagle warrior.png Aztec Eagle Warrior: Aztec infantry that flings javelins from an atlatl. Good against infantry.
Aoe3 aztec jaguar warrior.png Aztec Jaguar Warrior: Aztec warrior armed with an obsidian sword.
Carib blowgunner.png Carib Blowgunner: Short-ranged missile unit that fires poison darts. Good against infantry.
Cherokee rifleman.png Cherokee Rifleman: Cherokee skirmisher that is accurate at long range.
Comanche horse archer.png Comanche Horse Archer: Comanche ranged cavalry. Good against cavalry.
Cree tracker.png Cree Tracker: Cree rifleman with a good line of sight and long range.
Aoe3 iroquois tomahawk.png Iroquois Tomahawk: Iroquois warrior that hurls tomahawks into battle.
Aoe3 iroquois mantlet.png Iroquois Mantlet: Iroquois short-ranged siege unit.
Inca Huaminca.png Incan Huaminca: Inca infantry armed with a flexible spear. Good against cavalry.
Inca Bolas Warrior.png Incan Bolas Warrior: Inca infantry that hurls bolas for a wide area of effect.
Lakota axe rider.png Lakota Axe Rider: Lakota horseman armed with an axe.
Lakota dog soldier.png Lakota Dog Soldier: Elite Lakota horsemen.
Maya Holcan Spearman.png Maya Holcan Spearman: Maya barbed spearmen. Good against cavalry or buildings.
Native scout icon.png Native Scout: A Native American scout. Good for exploration, but has a weak attack.
Nootka Clubman.png Nootka Clubman: Nootka warrior armed with a wooden club.
Nootka War Chief.png Nootka War Chief: Elite Nootka warrior.
Seminole Sharktooth Bowman.png Seminole Sharktooth Bowman: Ranged Native American archer with a short range and high attack.
Tupi Blackwood Archer.png Tupi Blackwood Archer: Long-range, accurate native archer. Good against infantry.

The WarChiefs[]

Apache cavalry.png Apache Cavalry: Ranged cavalry. Good against cavalry.
Cheyenne rider.png Cheyenne Rider: Cheyenne horseman armed with a spear.
Huron Mantlet.png Huron Mantlet: Huron short-ranged siege unit.
Klamath Rifleman.png Klamath Rifleman: Klamath skirmisher that is accurate to a long range.
Mapuche Ironwood Clubman.png Mapuche Ironwood Clubman: Mapuche warrior with a large two-handed club.
Navajo Rifleman.png Navajo Rifleman: Stealthy Navajo skirmisher that runs quickly.
Zapotec Lightning Warrior.png Zapotec Lightning Warrior: Zapotec warrior armed with a shield and a sword.

The Asian Dynasties[]

Chakram.png Chakram: Sikhs that throw hoops, causing splash damage. Good against infantry and buildings.
Conquistador.png Conquistador: European adventurer armed with a gun and riding horseback. Good against cavalry.
Rattan Shield.png Rattan Shield: Fast Chinese warrior armed with a shield and a sword. Heavily armored and good against archers, skirmishers, and artillery.
Sohei icon.png Sohei: Japanese warrior Monk armed with a naginata. Good against cavalry and buildings.
Tiger Claw.png Tiger Claw: Indian warrior armed with sharp claws. Good against infantry.
War Elephant.png War Elephant: Indian Heavy War Elephant powerful in close combat. Inflicts area damage. Good against archers and skirmishers.

Definitive Edition[]

Preview mapuche bolas rider icon.png Mapuche Bolas Rider: Mapuche ranged cavalry who hurls bolas to slow down enemies and inflict splash damage. Good against cavalry.
Captured mortar aoe3de.png Captured Mortar: Artillery captured and operated by Native Americans. Can also inflict splash damage to enemy land units. Good against buildings and ships.

The African Royals[]

Akan ankobia portrait.png Akan Ankobia: Akan warrior firing a powerful old musket.
Akan Tufohen Portrait Updated.png Akan Tufohen: Powerful African Warchief who gains strength from nearby Native Warriors. Can heal and build. Good against cavalry.
Berber camel rider portrait.png Berber Camel Rider: Berber light cavalry warrior riding a fast camel that terrifies horses. Good against cavalry and artillery. Countered by light infantry.
Berber sultan portrait.png Berber Sultan: Hero Berber Sultan. Gains attack and hitpoints from nearby Mercenaries and Outlaws.
Somali Darood Militia Portrait.png Somali Darood Militia: Somali militiaman of the Darood clan. Specialized at countering artillery and ships.
Somali Issa Warrior Portrait.png Somali Issa Warrior: Heavy ranged Somali javelineer. Attacks closer targets faster. Counters cavalry from range.
Sudanese dervish portrait.png Sudanese Dervish: Fast Sudanese infantry which tosses knives from range to inflict melee damage. Attacks faster at close range. Good against heavy infantry, particularly in melee.
Yoruba Eso Rider Portrait.png Yoruba Eso Rider: Quick-training and fast moving powerful lancer that slowly loses hitpoints. Attacks faster as he loses hitpoints.
Yoruba legionary portrait.png Yoruba Oyo Legionary: Very powerful, but slow training heavy ranged javelin infantry. Attacks closer targets faster. Carries a large shield for extra protection against ranged attacks. Good against cavalry.