The Native Scout is an infantry unit in Age of Empires III.

Overview Edit

Native Scout is a unit with high speed and LOS but low hit points and attack. The French civilization starts out with one at the start of the game. Scout can be rescued as Treasures, or sent from the Trading Post or it can also be sent from Home City/Tribal Council. The Scout can move very fast, and has an extensive Line of Sight, however, they cannot attack with any effect. In The Warchiefs expansion pack, the Native Scout is given the ability to use Stealth, which makes it invisible from enemy units and buildings, but at a cost of speed. If the scout gets too close to an enemy unit or building which has see stealth ability like Explorer, Town Center etc., while using the stealth ability, it will become visible and attackable again. The Warchiefs civilizations can train native scout from their Town Center with the help of one shipment card called Advanced Scout.

Advanced Scout Edit

The Aztecs, Iroquois, and Sioux can train the Native Scout from their Town Centers through the Advanced Scout shipment card that also increases the Scouts' attack and hit point making them more effective in combat and allows them to be trained at the Embassy. Even though this card is useful in Colonial Age and Fortress age it is not good in later Ages as there are very few upgrades available to Scouts. Another thing to note is that Legendary Native Warriors Upgrade increases Health Points and Damage by 50% of the initial Health and Damage (120 Health Points and 5 Hand Attack) but not 50% of the damage after Advanced Scout card is sent. That is not the case for Fire Pit's "War Dance" however.

They can be better than Coyote Runners in some situations (see Beatnik Joe's Aztec Scout Slam for an example of this).

Sioux Players that have sent "Wind Runner" and with War Chief Aura may increase Scout's speed to almost that of a Cavalry unit (6.6 compared to 6.8). "Native Warriors" card combined with "Black Arrow" will allow Advanced Scouts to be easily mass-produced as they will only cost 67 wood and a batch of 5 Advanced scouts will train in 3 Seconds.

Iroquois players that use all available upgrades, cards, Fire Pit and War Chief Aura can increase Scout's stats to 365 Health Points, 25 Hand Attack Damage and 20 Siege Attack Damage which is not extremely good considering all the effort.

Upgrades Edit

Native Scout does not receive any Age Up upgrades as Disciples and Pets do (trained by Shaolin Monks or trained by Brahmins and War Chiefs if a certain card is sent). However they receive any infantry related upgrades and can also be upgraded with the Imperial Age upgrade "Legendary Native Warriors". "Blood Brothers" card does not affect Native Scouts which seems to be a bug because all other Native related cards affect them.

Legendary Native Warriors Upgrade Edit

Hit Points: +50%
Hand Attack: +50%
Siege Attack: +50%

Home City shipments Edit

  • Colonial Age: Advanced Scouts - Increases Native Scout's hit points by 50% and attack damage by 200% making him much more durable and more powerful they can be now used for combat purposes (Available to Sioux, Iroquois and Aztecs).
  • Fortress Age: Native Warriors - Reduces Native Warrior cost by 25% (Available to Sioux, Iroquois, and Aztecs).
  • Fortress Age: Black Arrow - Native Warrior: Reduces train points by -85% (Available to Sioux).
  • Colonial Age: New Ways - Enables certain European Arsenal improvements and Longhouses and Teepees (Available to Sioux and Iroquois).
  • Colonial Age: Wind Runner - All infantry Speed increased by 10% (Available to Sioux).
  • Fortress Age: Native Warrior Combat - Native Warrior Health Points increased by 25% and Attack Damage by 25%.
  • Colonial Age: Infantry Attack - All infantry Damage increased by 15% (Available to Iroquois).
  • Colonial Age: Infantry Hit points - All infantry Health Points increased by 15% (Available to Iroquois).
  • Colonial Age: Infantry Combat - All infantry Health Points increased by 15% and Damage increased by 15% (Available to Iroquois).

History Edit

"Europeans who colonized the Americas often sought help from Native American scouts. The scouts were mostly used to gather intelligence on enemy military movements. In 1866, Congress passed a statute that established a branch of the military known as the "Indian Scouting Service." This formalized the relationship between Native American Scouts and the United States Army. When fighting Native Americans in the west, the United States made use of historic tribal animosities by recruiting scouts from the enemy of whomever they were fighting. For example, Pawnees scouted against the Cheyenne, and Crow scouts helped General Custer before the Battle of Little Bighorn."

Trivia Edit

  • The language spoken by the Scout is the same as the Nootka, regardless of the random tribe name he is given.

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