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Napoleon Bonaparte (1769–1821) is the AI personality of the French in Age of Empires III. He was the emperor of the French and is voiced by Andre Sogliuzzo.


Napoleon is a confident leader who is sure that he will prevail over his enemies. He often refers to his military campaigns.


Napoleon prefers a straight forward strategy that usually involves artillery and cavalry.

In the early Ages, Napoleon will start off with archaic infantry. As he advances into the later Ages, they will get swapped by the more predominant Hussars and Cuirassiers and Falconets. Napoleon seems to favour using Crossbowmen as his ranged infantry, even though he has access to Royal Guard Skirmishers. Anti-cavalry units will easily shred his armies.

Napoleon also uses Outposts to defend himself, and will occasionally utilize the Fortified Outpost upgrade, though he usually keeps them at the frontier level. He has the best economy and can field robust, usually well upgraded armies as he has a very fast gathering rate because of the Coureur des Bois.

Napoleon is also fond of native alliances, and will actively search for native settlements. Upon getting his first native settlement, he will usually send out large groups of native warriors to help with his armies, much like Queen Elizabeth. If The WarChiefs is installed, he will train some Mercenaries, but fewer than Queen Elizabeth.


As an ally[]

  • Beginning of game after winning previous game - "Remember what you did the last time we played? We won. So do the same things!" or "I am pleased to have an ally worthy of my prowess."
  • Beginning of match after being defeated previous game - "I went easy on you when we fought each other last time. Now that we are allies, I'm pulling out all the stops."
  • Requesting food - "An army travels on its stomach. Can you ship me some food?" or "I need food badly."
  • Requesting wood - "Ship me some wood. Now. Er ... please?" or "Without wood, how can I build an empire? Do you have some wood you're not using?"
  • Requesting coin - "Please send me some coin if at all possible."
  • Offers player food - "The French have the finest cuisine in the world my friend. Take these rations and see for yourself."
  • Offers player wood - "Wood may not be as exciting as coin or food, but it is still necessary. Take this for your coffers."
  • Offers player coin - "Coin - your war chest can use this, can it not?"
  • Received food - "This food is almost as good as my own chefs could cook."
  • Received wood - "This wood comes at a most opportune time."
  • Received coin - "This coin will be put to good use."
  • Declined player resource request - "I regret I do not currently have sufficient resources to help you." or "My sincerest apologies, but I cannot help at this time."
  • Player builds a Trade Post (natives) - "We have natives now. And the enemy does not!"
  • Player collects Treasure near his base - "You can take that treasure. I wasn't going to get to it until later."
  • Player collects food-related Treasure - "An army travels on its stomach. It is good you found food."
  • Explorer is incapacitated - "I regret to report that my explorer was a bit too bold. He's dead." or "My explorer lies bleeding his life out, and he was not even taken down by the enemy!" or "My explorer has been slain. Yours must do double duty from now on."
  • Explorer is resuscitated - "Now that my explorer has been rescued, his labors will benefit us both."
  • Agreeing to a strategy - "I shall comply immediately." or "Well thought out!"
  • Constructing a Town Center - "Now I shall annex this land here."
  • Constructing a Fort - "This is the most strategic place for me to set up a new base." or "The enemy will not like the base I'm going to construct here."
  • Initiating attack - "I shall start an offensive at this point." or "When I capture this base, it will unravel the enemy's position." or "The French need this area. So we shall take it." or "By my calculations, the time is ripe to destroy the main enemy town here." or "The French tricolor will stand at this point before we are done. Attaque l'outrance!"
  • Major battle - "They are doomed. Already I can taste victory." or "Did you watch that fight closely? You can learn something from my skill as a commander."
  • Agreed attack - "Well thought out!" or "Certainly."
  • Decline Attack - "I do not have any soldiers yet." or "I have not yet taken the step of creating an army." or "I am working on other issues at this time, so I do not have an army." or "I do not have sufficient men under arms - they would just be killed to no avail." or "My army is not ready to fight."
  • Colony under attack - "This time they have proven the stronger force. Perhaps we will defeat them next time. Shall we resign now?" or "The enemy is too strong for me at this time. Please send help at once."
  • Major battle between multiple players - "This fight is going to be complicated. That will give me a natural advantage."
  • Enemy start Trade Monopoly victory - "Keep calm. All we must do is knock down some of the enemy posts and all will be well."

As an enemy[]

  • Beginning of game - "You stand no chance against my skilled legions. Surrender now."
  • Increased difficulty - "I respect an opponent who's willing to take on a tougher challenge than he did last game. My hat is off to you." or "Of course I always fight to the best of my ability. But now that you have increased the difficulty, my ability has risen accordingly. Beware!"
  • Decreased difficulty - "Couldn't take the higher difficulties, eh? Decided to turn it down a notch?"
  • Player claims a Treasure - "Groveling around in the dirt again. How sad for you." or "Your exploration skill will not help you in a battle to come." or "Already reduced to foraging? Your settlers must be starving." or "Grubbing in the dirt again? How sad for you."
  • Napoleon claims a Treasure - "With the bounty of the New World at my disposal, nothing can stop me!"
  • Player collects multiple Treasures - "I cannot waste my efforts on picking up random treasures. I have a war to win!"
  • Player collects a Treasure that has coin - "Hard up for gold?"
  • Player multitasks poorly - "You must not be very good at multitasking - I see that you have been unable to both gather nuggets and try to build your town."
  • Player is the last to Age up - "Did you wake up at last? Or were you stimulated to Age up by some kind of primeval instinct?"
  • Player is the first to Age up or rapidly aging up - "'Wasting your resources on bells and whistles I see. Aging up so early is a frivolity I can't afford."
  • Player builds Trading Post (native) - "I had marked those natives as MY allies. I must do something about the situation."
  • Player builds Trading Post (Trade Route) - "I think by building that trading post, you have stretched your resources just a little too far."
  • Builds trading post (Trade Route) - "You are remiss, my friend. This trading post will boost my power and lead to my ultimate win."
  • Destroys player's Trading Post (native) - "The natives don't want your burdensome rule. They'll be much better off under MY burdensome rule."
  • Destroys player's Trading Post (trade route) - "This time your trading post. Next time your whole empire!"
  • Destroys player's Town Center - "This is a decisive blow at your very heart!"
  • Player destroys his Trading Post (native) - "I did not need that particular native alliance anyway."
  • Player destroys his Trading Post (Trade Route) - "It is most annoying, but I can survive without that trading post. For now."
  • Player advances to Colonial Age first - "You have fallen into my trap - advancing to Colonial too soon!" (Note: This line is no longer present in the Definitive Edition.)
  • Player advances in Age faster than Napoleon - "Impressive technology. But can you do anything with it?"
  • Player destroys Town Center - "You think this will stop me? It just steels my resolve."
  • Discovers player's town - "My brilliant scouting techniques have spotted your town's center. Soon the invasion shall begin."
  • Major battle - "You have fallen into our trap! Your armies, grouped together, will now be shattered by OUR armies, grouped together. This will be one of my most glorious triumphs!" or "Vive le empereur!" (grammatically incorrect; it should be "Vive l'empereur !")
  • Player lead troops flee from battle - "Once more French troops under my control prove victorious."
  • Wins battle (?) - "Once more French soldiers under my control have proven victorious." or "That battle was rather ... trivial. I kept hoping you had an interesting surprise up your sleeve. But no."
  • Small force enters territory - "A tiny little army. How cute." or "Your army is so small and quaint. It almost seems a pity to wreck it." or "I see your puny army. I guess a stealthy approach is beyond your limited capacity." or "Now that I see your troops, I know what your plan must be." or "Still letting your army wander aimlessly I see. I am sure your men wish they had a more capable commander."
  • Large battle between several players - "The fact you have joined up will help you no more than it helped my enemies at Austerlitz. And even better than at Austerlitz, now I have allied troops assisting me."
  • Wins a battle - "Can't you put up a better fight?" or "Another battle, another day without a challenge. (Yawn)"
  • Defeated in battle - "You lack finesse, yet you are somehow effective. Perhaps I have underestimated you." or "Nice job. I'll have to change my strategy I see." or "Sacre bleu! Your forces ... so lethal. I demand a rematch!"
  • Defeat - "What?! How can this be? I can't fight on without troops or resources! [incredulous sigh] I tender my resignation to you." or "I'm sure I'd be able to conquer you if we only fought a little longer. But in the interest of saving time I hereby offer to quit in your favor. Is that acceptable?"


  • Despite its own description, Age of Empires III depicts Napoleon with a French accent.


Napoleon was born in 1769 to a well-to-do Corsican family. His native language was Italian and an Italian accent flavored his French. Contrary to popular misconception, Napoleon was not short by the standards of the era. In fact, he was slightly taller than most men of his time at about 5 feet 7 inches.

Napoleon was not always a successful student, but he had a tremendous ability to understand and memorize military information. He made good use of his outstanding memory and became known as one of the most brilliant military strategists of all time; at one point he controlled almost all of Central and Western Europe.

Despite his military brilliance, Napoleon is almost as well known for his spectacular military mistakes. At Waterloo he made several tactical errors, including making movements without notifying his allies, that led to his ultimate defeat.

In Age of Empires III: You can expect to see Napoleon's ambitious nature reflected in how he plays. He is a great military strategist who prefers to play offensively rather than defensively. Napoleon is not friendly with the British and may hesitate to cooperate with them. He likes to be in control and does not appreciate direction from anyone else.


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