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Nakht is an Egyptian hero in Age of Empires: Mythologies. He costs 50 myth points to unlock.

Hero power[]

Wings of Darkness: Nakht's Wings of Darkness power allows him to transform into a Raven, allowing him to move very quickly over all terrain. In this form, Nakht cannot attack but may be attacked himself. Nakht can transform every turn, but cannot transform into a Raven and back on the same turn.


Human form[]

  • Train at: Shrine
  • Cost: 180 food, 180 gold, 50 favor
  • Type: Hero, light infantry
  • Range: N/A
  • Attack: 70
  • Defense: 30
  • HP: 165
  • Movement: 13

Raven form[]

  • Cost: N/A
  • Type: Hero, light infantry
  • Range: N/A
  • Attack: N/A
  • Defense: 30
  • HP: 165
  • Movement: 4
  • Sight: 4

God bonuses and upgrades[]

Age I: Attack x0.6, HP x0.6
Age II: Attack x0.75, HP x0.75
Age III: Attack x0.9, HP x0.9

Bast increases attack by 5% and movement by 2.
Anubis increases defense by 5%.

  • Ra's Blessing (Ra): Increases attack by 10% and defense by 5%.
  • Blades of Anubis (Anubis): Increases attack by 10%.
  • Hathor's Light (Hathor): Increases HP by 10%.
  • Tide of War (Sekhmet): Regenerates +5% HP at the start of the player's turn.


Nakht is ideal for maps with many cliffs and other obstacles. Whenever he reaches a cliff that would force him to walk a long distance to get around, he can instead use his hero power to transform into an airborne raven. On the next turn, he simply needs to fly over the obstacle and can then change back. This is useful for the quick capture of a temple or a relic. On the offensive side, Nakht can use this ability to bypass an enemy army and fight back where they least expect it. Nakht cannot attack in his raven form so keeping him out of sight while he is vulnerable is ideal.
Nakht also has an additional ability not mentioned anywhere in the game. He has the ability to grant any unit located on the eight tiles adjacent to him the ability to regenerate. Placing him at the center of an army will help it remain healthy longer. Nakht himself is strong against cavalry units, especially Rocs and the Phoenix who are also myth units, but he himself must be wary of archers and heavy infantry type units.


  • Nakht is based on an Egyptian official (as well as Scribe, 'Astronomer', and Priest) of the same name.
    • However, Nakht was only alive during the reign of Thutmose IV, and the Thutmose in the game is a direct representation of Thutmose II (as his sister Hatshepsut appears alive and well in the Egyptian campaign).