The Multiplayer Alpha is a semi-private build that was given to 10,000 players in August 2002.


The Following is an annoucement from ES around July 10th 2002:

"Congratulations, you are one of the lucky 10,000 gamers invited to participate in Ensemble's online multiplayer test of Age of Mythology. This alpha version of Age of Mythology will contain two of the nine civilizations that will be available when the game is released this October. Up to four players will be able to compete head-to-head as a follower of either Zeus or Poseidon on one of two multiplayer maps.

We will begin shipping the Age of Mythology alphas to all winners at the end of July. We will be sending follow-up emails with more details, so please stay tuned.

Again, both Ensemble Studios and Microsoft Game Studios would like to congratulate you. Best of luck in your online battles to come and thanks for helping us ship a great game.

Best regards, Ensemble Studios & Microsoft Game Studios"

Despite originally having 2 gods planned, according to Greg Street on Age of Mythology Heaven forums, it was changed to all 9, to allow the maximum benefit of balance.


  • There are various unused models and textures in the files.
  • Achilles had a Different Design.and was an Infantry unit.
  • Textures were only in .btx and btd (the .btx and .btd formats can still be used, and are created from using .TGAs, and .bti text files)
  • The .BRG model format used by the MP Alpha is different from the one in the final game, this is apparently something to do with how it renders textures.
  • The Main Menu, and Random Map menus are different from their current appearance.
  • The Proto(type) and Tech(nology)tree files are shorter than the final game's.
  • Only two maps were available, they were Alfheim and Midgard.
  • Balance was different from the final game.
  • The History folder were located in the Data folder, as a sub-file, instead of being its own folder.
  • Various Icons were different.
  • The Music files were higher quality, and ran at a better rate, it is unknown why they were changed (Although when the current music files when replaced by the high quality versions, will create a random delay)


  • According to the discs files, and internal files, the build dates to August 2, 2002.