Ranged cavalry with a powerful grenade attack. Very effective against buildings
—In-game description

The Mounted Granadero is an revolutionary unit in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition that is available to Argentina. Mounted Granaderos can be trained once the card Granaderos has been sent.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Mounted Granadero is a combination of the mobility of a cavalry unit and the splash attack of the Grenadier. In comparison with foot Grenadiers:

  • Mounted Granaderos are cheaper
  • Have worse siege attack
  • Have less resistance against ranged attacks
  • Have more hitpoints
  • Have more speed and mobility
  • The Grenade Launchers card don't benefit them

They benefit from the Wild West technology.

Further statistics[edit | edit source]

Unit strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Heavy cavalry, artillery
Weak vs. Heavy infantry, ranged infantry, light cavalry
Hit points Comanche Horse Breeding.png Comanche Horse Breeding (+10%)
Cree Tanning.png Cree Tanning (+5%)
Navajo Weaving.png Navajo Weaving (+5%)
Dance Hall.png Wild West (+35%)
Attack Ranged Cavalry Caracole.png Ranged Cavalry Caracole
Smokeless Powder.png Smokeless Powder
Dance Hall.png Wild West (+35%)

Incendiary grenades.png Incendiary Grenades (+30% siege attack and +1 AOE)

Sight Town Watch.png Town Watch (+2)
Ranged Cavalry Caracole.png Ranged Cavalry Caracole (+2)
Speed Comanche Mustangs.png Comanche Mustangs (+10%)
Apache Endurance.png Apache Endurance (+5%)
Creation speed Mass Cavalry.png Mass Cavalry (-50%)
Cheyenne Horse Trading.png Cheyenne Horse Trading (-25%)
Inca Chaquis Messengers.png Incan Chasquis Messengers (-25%)
Train cost Mapuche Ad-mapu.png Mapuche Ad-mapu (-10% coin cost)

Home City Cards[edit | edit source]

In-game dialogue[edit | edit source]

The Mounted Granadero uses Spanish dialogue:

  • (Yes)
  • ¡Hola! (Hello!)
  • Preparado (Ready)
  • ¿Cuál es su comando? (What is your command?)
  • ¿Cuál es su orden? (What is your order?)
  • ¿Qué me ordena? (What is my order?)
  • Correcto (Correct)
  • Lo haré (I’ll do it)
  • Voy a hacerlo (I’m going to do it)
  • ¡Al ataque! (Attack!)
  • ¡A las armas! (To arms!)

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Mounted Granaderos are based on Argentinian Regimiento de Granaderos a Caballo. They used sabres and lances, not grenades. As most grenadier units, their name referred to a elite corps rather than the weapon, which was phased out in grenadier units.
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