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This article is about the campaign scenario in Age of Empires. For the scenario in Age of Empires: Definitive Edition, see The Mountain Temple. For the building, see Temple.

Mountain Temple is the fourth scenario of the Yamato Empire of the Rising Sun campaign in Age of Empires.

Scenario instructions[]


Mountain Temple, 376 AD

The war with the Izumo is coming to a climax. Your raids and captures have partially demoralized their people and weakened their rulers. You are close to crushing their armies and bringing them under Yamato rule. Destroy the Izumo Temple on their sacred mountain and build a Yamato Temple there. There may be Kibi clan forces supporting the Izumo. The Kibi must be pushed out of the way if they interfere with your attack.
—In-game section

Starting conditions[]


  • Destroy the Izumo Temple.
  • Build a new Temple where Izumo Temple once stood.


  • The Kibi are near the resources you need for victory; attack them early before they claim these resources as their own.
  • Heavy weaponry will be needed to crush the Izumo. Carefully scout out the path ahead.



  • Player (Yamato): The player starts with a little base at western edge of the southern land mass, guarded by two Watch Towers. Since there are almost no resources near the base, rushing the yellow Kibi is compulsory to survive.


  • Kibi (Shang): The most immediate threat for this scenario, they are sited just to the east of the player's position, they also begin during the Stone Age. They have a small settlement including a Town Center, some Houses as well as some Villagers. They will attack from the first minute of the game with waves of Clubmen.
  • Kibi (Shang): They occupy the easternmost part of the map, and have an established base, including multiple Watch Towers. Once they have enough resources, they will attack the player with War Galleys and landing parties.
  • Izumo (Shang): This player has no Villagers or military structures, but they occupy the massive stronghold to the north. It has multiple layers of walls, each sited on top of a hill, guarded by Guard Towers and a sizeable garrison, including Composite Bowmen, Stone Throwers, Ballistae, as well as a few Cavalry and Priest units. Their Temple to the northernmost part of the map must be replaced with one of the player's, in order to beat this scenario.


Train some more Villagers, gather food and wood, and age up as soon as possible. Fishing will be a waste of time and resources, as there is too little fish on the map and the brown Kibi War Galleys will shoot at anything too close to the shore. However, the island to the west holds quite a lot of food (including from Gazelles and Alligators) if the player can get Villagers there - there's also plenty of gold and wood.

As soon as the player ages up, build an Archery Range and train Bowmen. Kill the yellow town's clubmen and Villagers, and take their resources. Building a Tower on the eastern bank will stop the brown Kibi from landing soldiers there - or at least warn the player when they do.

As quickly as possible, reach the Bronze Age, and train a few War Galleys and some Cavalry and Stone Throwers to take the Kibi island. The quicker the player advances, the more of their resources will be left. Destroy their Towers, and run down their archers with cavalry.

Once the brown Kibi are destroyed, the player can relax a bit. The Izumo have no Villagers, and won't be any better than they were when the game started - but the player can train new units as long as their resources last.

Prepare for an attack. Stone Throwers for their towers, Cavalry (Yamato Horse Archers are the best choice for this scenario) against siege units and archers. A Priest will let the player avoid losing any unit in the charge. The Temple is at the far north. Kill the Priests, destroy the Temple, and build a new one.


Historical notes[]

The situation was desperate for the Izumo leadership. Of their allies, only the Kibi remained loyal. The others withdrew into neutrality or began negotiating with the Yamato. The Yamato did not let up the pressure. With the Izumo already reeling, the time had come to attack them frontally and force them to submit.
—In-game section

Historical outcome[]

The Izumo assault scattered the Kibi troops supporting the Izumo and then carried the Izumo mountain stronghold. Although losses were heavy, the Yamato elimated a powerful threat on the main island of Japan. The Izumo submitted to Yamato rule.
—In-game section


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