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This article is about the building in Age of Empires II. For the building in other games of the series, see Mosque.

The Mosque is an unconstructable building in Age of Empires II, identical in appearance to the Turkish Wonder (the Selimiye Mosque). The Mosque can do nothing apart from giving shelter to up to ten units that can garrison in it. The Mosque is available in the Scenario Editor (under the Building tab, formerly under the Other tab) and makes a few campaign appearances.

Even though the Mosque only has 600 hit points, it is quite bulky, because every hit only causes one damage (even hits from a Trebuchet). The only units that can deal more than one damage per attack are units with multiple shots per volley, like Mangonels, Chu Ko Nu and Hussite Wagons.

Campaign appearances[]

CampaignIcon-SaladinDE Saladin[]

  • An Arabian Knight: A Mosque is in the north of Cairo. The player must send a unit there so that the Egyptians change their diplomatic stance with the player to ally.

CampaignIcon-ElCidDE El Cid[]

  • Black Guards: The Black Guard Navy has a Mosque on the western side of the map, south of the player's starting town. When one of the player's units reaches it, a Black Guard Monk requests El Cid to meet them, and they request El Cid to send a Monk to convert the Mosque.

CampaignIcon-DraculaDE Vlad Dracula[]

CampaignIcon-PrithvirajDE Prithviraj[]

  • Battles of Tarain: A Mosque is located inside Bathinda and can be destroyed in order to weaken its defenders.

CampaignIcon-Tamerlane Tamerlane[]

CampaignIcon-FranciscoDE Francisco de Almeida[]

  • A Son's Blood: Since Dynasties of India, a Mosque is located inside the Ottoman base. The Turkish Pasha that can be killed as one of the victory objectives stands in front of it.


  • In spite of the fact that the Turkish Wonder's design is utilized as a Wonder, a Monument, a Palace, and a Mosque, every instance of the design in the campaigns is as a Mosque, with one exception in A Son's Blood which had a Turkish Monument prior to Dynasties of India.


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