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The Moroccans are a civilization exclusive to the Historical Battles in Age of Empires III: Definitive Edition - The African Royals. They appear in the The Battle of the Three Kings scenario. They are identical to the Barbary Pirates minus the capability to train Barbary Corsairs.


Alliance Moroccans.png

The Moroccans are also a Commerce Age Alliance option for the Hausa. As soon as the player advances into the Commerce Age or higher by allying with the Moroccans, an Mosque Builder appears at the Home City shipment point, which can be retrained at Town Centers if it or the Mosque are destroyed, allow Zouaves to be trained at the Palace, and the following technologies to be researched at the University:

Technology Cost Description
Argan Tree Planting.png Argan Tree Planting 250 influence Receive 1 Goat with every future Home City shipments
Arma Garrisons.png Arma Garrisons 300 influence Ships 1 Watch Tower Builder; Corsair Marksman available at Watch Tower


Colonial age up.png 1 Mosque Builder and 400 XP
Fortress age up.png 1 Mosque Builder and 600 XP
Industrial age up.png 1 Mosque Builder and 900 XP
Imperial age up.png 1 Mosque Builder and 1,900 XP

In-game dialogue[]

The unique units of the Moroccans speak Kabyle language using dialogue files of the Barbary Corsair, except for the Bedouin Horse Archer who uses dialogue files of the Mameluke. The Ottoman units speak Turkish, and the Artillery Foundry units speak Portuguese.


  • The Moroccan flag used in the game is the flag of the Saadi Sultanate (1510–1659).