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Morgan's flagship. Named for a fort on Malta.
—In-game description

Morgan's Flagship, St. Elmo, is a military ship in Age of Empires III. It appears in the "Lizzie the Pirate" and "The New World" cutscenes and is available to the Knights of St. John during the Pirates! and The Ottoman Fort scenarios. It is eventually severely damaged during a hurricane and left in Havana in the A Pirate's Help scenario to be repaired for the rest of Act I: Blood. When Morgan and Elisabet Ramsey team up in the Spanish Treasure Fleet scenario, the player gets access to Lizzie's Flagship.


Morgan's Flagship is a hybrid unit of a Caravel (has the Broadside Attack special ability) and a Galleon (has increased hit points and attack), but does not benefit from Dock upgrades, like the other ships available to the Knights of St. John. However, it is easily capable of destroying pirate vessels and Ottoman Galleys. If properly utilized and repaired it will be the only warship the player requires during The Ottoman Fort (on any difficulty), and during Pirates! on the easy and normal difficulties.

Special ability[]

  • Broadside attack Broadside Attack: Fires a volley of cannon shots at an enemy from a range of 30, with each shot doing 35×6 siege damage in an Area of Effect of 1 with a ×2.0 multiplier against ships. 60 seconds cooldown.


Morgan's flagship is the veteran of a number of voyages throughout the Mediterranean Sea. The Knights of St. John, from their island stronghold of Malta, prowled the seas in long, sleek galleys searching out any who would oppose them, with a special preference for the Ottomans. They had a massive flagship, called the Sant'Anna, but it was so ungainly and expensive to maintain that it was broken up. The masts of Morgan's ship were salvaged from the Sant'Anna; the Sant'Michel has more than a little of her predecessor's wallowing unwieldiness.


  • Morgan's Flagship is based on the Galleon model, but uses different textures on its sails, and also reuses the portrait of the Galleon. The same happens with Lizzie's Flagship.


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