This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For the building in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors, see Monument (Age of Empires II).
Monuments are economic buildings in Age of Mythology that are only available to the Egyptians. They are the Egyptian means of generating favor. There are five Monuments in total and the more a player builds, the faster the total favor generation rate. Each subsequent Monument costs more resources to build and, apart from the first, generates increasingly more favor.

The Monuments must be built in the following order:

  1. Monument to Villagers (generates 6.0 favor per minute)
  2. Monument to Soldiers (generates 4.9 favor per minute)
  3. Monument to Priests (generates 5.1 favor per minute)
  4. Monument to Pharaohs (generates 5.7 favor per minute)
  5. Monument to Gods (generates 6.9 favor per minute)

In order to built a Monument, all previous Monuments must be standing.

God bonuses Edit

  • Ra: Monuments are 25% cheaper and have 20% more hit points.
  • Isis: Monuments have 20% less hit points, but block enemy players from using god powers in the surrounding area.

Resource trickle comparison Edit

There are quite a few means of auto-generating resources in Age of Mythology. The following list shows all the means there are to illustrate the value of the Monuments.

Resource generator Civilization Resource Rate
FloodOfTheNile Flood of the Nile Egyptians Food 45
VaultsOfErebus Vaults of Erebus Greeks Gold 45
Aomrelicvase Ring of the Nibelung all Gold 18
Aomrelicvase Ship of Fingernails all Food 24
Aomrelicvase Ankh of Ra all Favor 2.4
MonumentVillagersIcon Monument Egyptians Favor 4.9-6.9
Hersiricon Hersir Norse Favor 0.6
1.2 (in combat)
TownCenterAOMAtlantean Town Center Atlanteans Favor 6.31
GardenIcon Garden Chinese Favor2 2.85
GardenIcon Garden Chinese Wood2 28.5
GardenIcon Garden Chinese Food2 28.5
GardenIcon Garden Chinese Gold2 28.5
PlentyIcon Plenty Vault3 Greeks Wood
  1. The rate can be increased by 10% by researching Horns of Consecration.
  2. Gardens can be tasked to generate any resource, but they only generate one at a time.
  3. The Plenty Vault generates all three resources simultaneously.

Changelog Edit

The Titans Edit

  • With patch 1.02, the protection radius created by Isis' Monuments was reduced by 20%.

Trivia Edit

  • On the box art of the original Age of Mythology, there is what appears to be beta textures and new models for the Monuments. The Monument's textures are much like other Egyptian buildings, and it appears that a sphinx and an arch was planned to be included in the final game as Monuments.

History Edit

"Ancient Egypt was a wealthy civilization largely isolated from external enemies and this allowed a lavish expenditure for Monuments and other edifices that glorified gods and pharaohs. For several thousand years, major construction projects were underway almost continually, for the glorification of some god or ruler. The Nile Valley today is dotted with Monuments of all sizes. The most famous of these are the Pyramids, the ultimate tombs, and the Sphinx."

Gallery Edit

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