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The Mongols are an offensive civilization that focuses on its ranged units and emphasizes guerilla tactics. They have many bonuses that allow them to move fast and hit very hard when used effectively.


The Mongols are a strong early game civilization due to their hunting bonus, and their team bonus makes Dark Age scouting far more effective for everyone on their team.

Their Cavalry Archers have a faster attack speed, making them excel at raiding enemy towns or picking off enemy units from a distance. The Mongols have access to all archer upgrades and technologies apart from Ring Archer Armor, giving their ranged units an advantage over many other civilizations. Their Light Cavalry have extra hit points and line of sight, making them very effective as scouts and raiders early in the game, and compensating somewhat for their lack of Plate Barding Armor later. Their unique unit, the Mangudai, is a Cavalry Archer with a bonus against siege weapons. Their speed and fast fire rate make them very versatile compared to other unique units. Mangudai are difficult to hit due to their speed, so can quickly eliminate dangerous siege weapons that can pose a threat to buildings or fragile units. They have access to all siege weapons except for the Bombard Cannon, giving them a strong offensive edge. Their unique technology improves the speed of their siege weapons greatly, allowing them to participate in raids effectively. A Battering Ram filled with infantry will be able to move at the same speed as cavalry, allowing them to demolish buildings and flee before the opponent can muster a counter-attack. They also have access to all cavalry units and technologies except for the Paladin.


One of the main weakness of the Mongols is their mediocre defense. They do not have much defensive abilities to hold off an attack since they cannot upgrade their towers beyond the Guard Tower upgrade and cannot build Bombard Towers to take control of captured territory effectively. Thus, Mongol players must constantly attack the enemy to make sure they are unable to build up a strong enough force to attack. If forced on the defense Mangudai are an effective way of destroying enemy siege weapons, allowing time to hide behind a wall and build up a counter-attack. Also the Mongols have no gunpowder units except Cannon Galleons, and being unable to research Redemption would mean that they cannot even convert enemy Bombard Cannons for themselves. Their lack of Ring Archer Armor and Plate Barding Armor causes their Hussars and Mangudai to be more vulnerable than they might otherwise be; this combined with their lack of Paladins means that their late game heavy cavalry is very much below par. Despite having access to all the infantry upgrades at the Blacksmith, the Mongols have no Halberdiers, which deprives them of a useful late game counter to cavalry and means their infantry is not as strong as it could be, although their ability to create Camel Riders offsets this weakness. They also do not get Supplies, making their Militia line more food-intensive.


One of the most common tactics used by Mongol players in early game is the Scout Cavalry Feudal rush. Mongols have very good Scout Cavalry, they have extra hit points once they are upgraded to Light Cavalry and a better line of sight. Early economy for the Mongols is also quite good since they collect their hunt at a faster speed than other civilizations, so luring the Boars early is very important for a Mongol Scout Flush. Luring Deer and/or laming is also a viable strategy for the more experienced player. Players can Mongol flush with 22 population and then create one or two stables (one will work if the wood is tight), this flush will be mostly a standard scout rush with the only difference that the player will have more line of sight for those units allowing to prevent ranged attacks from archers as they can spot them at a longer distance. Mongols are also able to perform a Fast Castle just in order to have access to their Cavalry Archers. The extra line of sight of their Scout Cavalry also allows for the Mongols and their allies to find their herdables, and explore, faster.

Mongols are at their strongest moment in the Castle Age. If a Mongol player chooses to perform a fast Castle, they must try to raid enemy towns with Light Cavalry and Cavalry Archers as soon as possible and perform a Light Cavalry or a Cavalry Archer Castle Age rush. To execute this tactic, the player must upgrade their Scout Cavalry to Light Cavalry as soon as possible, create some Archery Ranges for their Cavalry Archers, and research all the required blacksmith and university technologies for improving those units. Mixing the upgraded Light Cavalry with the Cavalry Archers is an effective strategy. Once the player builds up a Castle, they should start to switch to the Mangudai as their preferred Cavalry Archer. Mangudai are a bit more expensive than normal Cavalry Archers, but also perform a lot better than Cavalry Archers as they have more hit points, attack, firing rate (after Thumb Ring is researched), and an attack bonus against siege units. Mangudai become in handy very well when the opponent is trying to attack with siege weapons. Mongols also have access to all siege weapons except Bombard Cannons and can fully upgrade their Champions, when Mongols reach the Imperial Age they must start to combine their Cavalry Archers, Mangudai and Hussars with siege weapons and some infantry, the Drill technology allows to their siege to move a lot faster than normal, so their siege weapons have a chance to retreat or attack sooner than expected.

The Mongols' navy only lacks Dry Dock, so in water maps, they are well prepared, but they do not have any buffs, and it is preferable that they stay dry.

Strategy changes in The Forgotten[]

Mongols' new unique tech Nomads is very helpful when an opponent destroys a Mongol town, as it allows their houses to support population even if they are destroyed, reducing wood spent to replenish losses. On closed maps like Black Forest houses can sometimes work as a makeshift defense, as nothing is lost if they get destroyed.

Also, the Mangudai is somewhat less powerful than in the previous versions, as their attack bonus against siege now only applies to Rams, though they still keep a minimal bonus of 1 against all siege. Non-elite Mangudai are now way better than ordinary Cavalry Archers, as their delay time (the time between the start of the shooting animation and the actual shoot of the arrow) has been reduced from 10 to 5, making them stronger at hit-and-run tactics. The loss of Elite Cannon Galleons also hurts their navy a bit.

Strategy changes in The African Kingdoms[]

The introduction of the Siege Tower in the game improves significantly the siege capabilities of all civilizations but in the particular case of the Mongols this unit also benefits from the Drill technology making this unit more effective in its use as its purpose is to transport foot soldiers to the other side of an enemy wall. Additionally, the Mangudai's attack bonus is reverted to its pre-The Forgotten version, restoring their usefulness against siege units.

Strategy changes in the Definitive Edition[]

The Nomads technology no longer allows house foundations to increase population by being destroyed, so now they have to build houses completely again.

In update 35584, the Mongols' hunting work bonus was reduced to 40%, making their early game slightly weaker. To compensate for the nerf, the Mongols were given the Steppe Lancer and Elite Steppe Lancer to add more diversity to their late-game cavalry (which is also trivial to historical accuracy, as the Steppe Lancer is supposed to reflect their nomadic lifestyle). In addition, their additional HP bonus for the Scout Cavalry line also applies to their Steppe Lancers, which make them an interesting option for fast raids on masses of cluttered units, and a viable alternative to the Knight line or the Scout line (the latter if gold is available).

In update 37650, the Mongols lose access to the Supplies technology, which is meant to balance out their strong early-game hunting work bonus, and adding a counterplay to the Mongols' late-game army composition of Mangudai, Hussars, and siege (for example, the Goths).

Update 47820 slightly nerfed the speed of Mangudai, making it a bit harder for them to kite enemies.


The Mongol Scout Cavalry line of sight bonus helps everyone except for the American civilizations and the Gurjaras in the Dark Age. Players can scout a much larger area of the map in the same time and may thus get an edge over the other team in terms of resource locations, map layout and position of enemy bases. The bonus can also help with a Scout Cavalry rush, since it help detect defending troops faster, but it is almost useless in the later game. This team bonus makes a good synergy with the Portuguese team Bonus, since the Portuguese provide Cartography from the beginning of the game for the entire team, allowing the team to explore the map faster.

Mongols have a win-win synergy with the Tatars, since they allow Mongol Cavalry Archers (including Mangudai) to have extra line of sight, and both civilizations have great capabilities for raiding. Similarly, the Cumans, after researching Cuman Mercenaries, lets the Mongols train 5 free Elite Kipchaks per Castle, which will benefit from the fast-firing bonus the Mongols have for Cavalry Archers. Since the Mongol team bonus improves Light Cavalry Line of Sight, they can make a good synergy with the Poles, who give Light Cavalry +1 attack vs archers. Alternatively, in exchange for Hussars with extra Line of Sight, Hindustani allies also grant Mongol Hussars and Camel Riders some anti-building bonus. As a reward for bringing extra Line of Sight to Gurjara Hussars (with an extra attack bonus), Mongol Camel Riders can be more spammable.

Mongols benefit from the Huns' faster stables bonus, which are helpful for massing Light Cavalry. The Huns also complement the Mongol army with their heavy cavalry and cheaper Cavalry Archers. The Celts' and Koreans' team bonuses make Mongol siege units even more effective, while the Khmer also grants range boost to Drill-enhanced Mongol Scorpions. The Berbers' Genitour is a great asset for the Mongol army, because it can keep up with the fast Mongol units (unlike the slower Skirmisher) and it fires 25% faster. The Britons team bonus is also helpful as it aids in spamming Cavalry Archers faster.

Compared advantages and disadvantages[]

Advantages vs other civilizations[]

  • The Mangudai, being a Cavalry Archer with an attack bonus vs Siege, counters all types of siege units, even the siege from prominent siege civilizations (like the Celts, the Khmer, the Koreans, the Ethiopians, the Portuguese Organ Gun, the Tatar long range Trebuchet, etc.). They can still be vulnerable against Onager volleys (see in disadvantages). Also, they can counter slow-moving melee units (like the Champion, the Slavic Boyar, the Persian War Elephant, the Southeast Asian Battle Elephant, the Teutonic Knight, etc.) by hit-and-running them. This last advantage also applies for their faster-attacking Cavalry Archers.
  • Being a civilization with good early and mid game and able to raid with the use of Scout Cavalry and Cavalry Archers they can defeat civilizations that fare otherwise in open maps like Arabia, especially if starting at Dark and Feudal Age. These civilizations include Turks, Spanish, Portuguese and Khmer for example.
  • As they have speed boosted siege units through Drill, they have a huge advantage against civilizations with poor defenses, such as Goths, Magyars and Huns. Even prominent defensive civilizations such as Byzantines, Teutons and Incas will have a harder time dealing with the Mongol fast moving siege engines. Also as Onagers are a counter to archers their faster movement speed will be unpleasant for archer based civilizations such as Britons, Mayans, and Vietnamese.
  • As their Light Cavalry and Hussar gets noticeable more HP, Mongols have an advantage at trash wars, especially against civilizations that lacks the Halberdier upgrade or more buffs for the Pikemen. These include Turks, Italians, Malians and Saracens. The Line of sight of the Light Cavalry also makes them an excellent counterpick against Lithuanians, since they can find the Relics on the map faster; the unit also has an attack bonus against Monks, so they can prevent them from taking the relics.
  • Being a prominent Cavalry Archer civilization, they are at an advantage against civilizations that may rely on slow-moving non-ranged units (like elephants and infantry), so players that like to pick civilizations like Aztecs, Bulgarians, Vikings, Japanese, Khmer, Persians, and Teutons should take this in consideration.

Disadvantages vs other civilizations[]

  • Since they do not get access to gunpowder aside from Petards, the Cannon Galleon, and Demolition Ships, they have a disadvantage to civilizations that get access to it like Turks, Portuguese, and Spanish, especially if the game starts in the Imperial Age onwards. This is of course before the game enters into the trash wars.
  • Malians can be a very unpleasant rival for the Mongols archery as their infantry bonus can negate at least in part the Mangudai and Cavalry Archer attacks against them, making Malian Pikemen more threatening to their core units (Hussars, Cavalry Archers, and Mangudai). Similarly Goths can counter the contingents of Mongol Cavalry Archer army by swarming Huskarls as they have attack bonus vs Archers and high pierce armor, this combined with disposable and fast created Halberdiers will make the Mongols to have a hard time.
  • Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs have Eagle Warriors that can effectively counter both Siege units and to some extent Cavalry Archers (Eagle Warriors deal bonus damage to cavalry units). Regarding the siege similar logic can apply to Light Cavalry civilizations such as Magyars, Huns and Turks as Light Cavalry can catch them with ease and destroy them.
  • Vietnamese Rattan Archers, and Imperial Skirmishers can counter a Mongol Cavalry Archer army perfectly and to some extent their Scorpions. Other prominent civilizations with good skirmishers that can also do this are the Aztecs (with the Atlatl technology), Lithuanians (faster Skirmishers with +2 pierce armor out of the Tower Shields technology) and the Britons (whose Skirmishers are created faster and get +1 range out of the Yeomen technology).
  • Tatar Light Cavalry and Cavalry Archers can also stand against the Mongolian Cavalry Archers and Mangudai, thanks to their unique technology Silk Armor, which adds +1 pierce armor to both units.
  • The Berbers have several tricks that can be unpleasant for a civilization like the Mongols, both of their unique units (Genitours and Camel archers) can counter their Cavalry Archers and Mangudai, they get cheaper Camels that can counter their Light Cavalry, and cheaper Light Cavalry that can counter their siege. Other prominent camel civilizations such as Saracens, Malians and Indians, can also effectively counter the Mongol cavalry.
  • Magyars can outnumber them with their cheaper Hussars and Magyar Huszar (which have attack bonus vs Siege). Cumans can also outnumber them with their fast-creating Hussars and Cavalry Archers after Steppe Husbandry.
  • Civilizations with good Onagers may also counter the Mongol Cavalry Archers if they forgot to micro them. As the Mongol siege line rely on movement speed but not on range, increased attack or more resistance, other prominent siege civilizations such as Celts, Koreans, Ethiopians, and Teutons can counter their siege workshop units if they make use of Onagers, Rams and Bombard Cannons (the last for those who have them). Also considering that Mongols have poor defense makes them vulnerable against siege engine attacks.
  • Mongol Monks are some of the worst, and they do not have Halberdiers, which means that the Mongols have no concrete answer to elephant units.

Situational advantages[]

  • As their hunters work faster, they have an advantage in maps with more huntable animals than average, these include, Scandinavia, Yucatan, Black forest, Valley, and others, especially maps in which players can find more than 2 Boars or their equivalent near their initial Town Center.
  • In Budapest map as every player have double start up (2 town centers double villagers and 2 scouts) they also get an advantage as of course they get 2 Scout Cavalry with enhanced LOS enabling for them and their allies to explore the map astonishingly fast.
  • In the Capture the Relic Game mode, as their Light Cavalry have more LOS, they can prevent enemy Monks from getting the Relic.