Mongol Raiders is a temporary stand-alone scenario released with Update 39284 of Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. The player is challenged to take over a Mongol army and defeat all players by destroying a series of buildings before time runs out. The player then receives a score based on the number of players defeated and the time left after doing so, that is added to a leaderboard ranking.

Scenario instructions

Starting conditions


  • Bring Subotai (your hero) to his army (3, Green) to assume command of it.
  • Defeat at least one enemy.

The goal of the scenario is to obtain a high score by defeating all opponents as quickly as possible. You receive 4,000 bonus points for defeating each enemy and 100 bonus points for each year (5 seconds) remaining on the timer.


  1. Be aggressive! You have a very limited amount of time and receive more points for completing your objectives quickly!
  2. To defeat your enemies in this scenario, you only have to destroy their Monasteries, their Castles, or their Town Centers. Do not bother with the rest.
  3. If you defeat an enemy, you will capture their resources and buildings. Use these extra resources to fuel your attack on the next player.
  4. There are two paths to the Teuton Wonder. On each path lie different enemies with their own strengths and weaknesses. Make sure to use your own civilization's strengths to defeat each of them.
  5. Subotai's conquests are never finished! Try again to improve your score and challenge your friends!


Your scouts report:

  • Genghis Khan has sent you, his most trusted general Subotai, to ride forth and bring other civilizations to their knees. Your advance party (3, Green) has established itself on the near bank of a river. Go to their camp to gain control of it.
  • The cunning Cumans (4, Yellow) control the far bank of the river and block your way further east. Their Kipchaks and Steppe Lancers defend their Castle. Destroy it quickly to gain access to your other enemies.
  • To the north are the treacherous Tatars (8, Orange). Their Keshiks, Steppe Lancers, and a few Cavalry Archers defend their walled city.
  • East of the Tatars are the shrewd Saracens (6, Purple). Beware! These desert dwellers have amassed an army of Heavy Camels, Mamelukes, and powerful Onagers - strong counters to your own Mongol forces!
  • To the south are the scornful Slavs (5, Cyan). They command Boyars, Champions, and a few Monks who may turn your own soldiers against you!
  • Next to the Slavs are the malicious Magyars (7, Grey). They protect the shallows with a fleet of Galleons and defend their Town Center with a horde of Magyar Huszars and Cavaliers. If you do not destroy them quickly, they will upgrade their Cavaliers to Paladins.
  • Finally, the terrible Teutons are entrenched on a cliff fortified with Keeps and Castles. Their Teutonic Knights and Paladins are fully upgraded but they, too, will fall before the might of the Mongol horde! Tear down their precious Wonder brick by brick to show them your power!
  • Genghis Khan expects you to conquer all of these enemies quickly, so do not delay!




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