The Mola Mola or Ocean Sunfish is a very large fish that can be fished, available in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties.

They can be found abundantly in tropical Asian maps like Indochina, Borneo, and Ceylon. It has 100 hit points and yields 500 food.

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"Scientific Name: Mola mola
Approx. Size: varies, up to 6 ft.
Diet: Zooplankton, squid, sponges, small fish, crustaceans, eels

Commonly known as the ocean sunfish, the mola mola has a body twice as long as it is thick, giving the fish a strange flattened appearance. Its gritty skin is coated with a layer of mucus and can change color patterns, often shining with a slight opalescent sheen. Spreading from its large, head-like bed, are two sweeping fins that guide its movement through the water. The mola mola is found in all tropical and temperate oceans.

The word “mola” comes from Latin and means “millstone” - in reference to these fishes’ roundish shape. The term “sun fish” comes from its habit of floating atop the water as if sunbathing.

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