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This article is about the unit in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. For the unit in Age of Empires III, see Missionary (Age of Empires III).

Spanish unique unit. Mounted Monk. Converts enemy units and heals friendly units like Monks, but cannot pick up Relics.
Age of Empires II description

The Missionary is the second unique unit of the Spanish in Age of Empires II: The Conquerors. It is a mounted Monk that can be trained at the Monastery.

Unlike most unique units, Missionaries do not have an Elite version.


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Like its cousin, the Monk, the Missionary is capable of healing units as well as converting enemy units, but (unlike the Monk) the Missionary cannot pick up Relics. Before the Definitive Edition, it only healed at half the speed of a Monk (1 HP per 0.8s instead of 0.4s) and was unaffected by Husbandry.

It can move quite fast, making it capable of fleeing from almost all enemy units but cavalry. Including several of these in a force of Knights can considerably improve chances of winning a drawn-out battle. Missionaries also work well for converting the surviving Villagers, buildings, and units of a defeated enemy. They are affected by all Monk technologies. However, despite their advantages in movement speed, which is one of the major Monk disadvantages, the Missionary only has 7 range compared to the 9 of a Monk.

Both the Monk and the Missionary have the same cost, making the choice between them mostly a matter of tactical utility. The Missionary generally outperforms the Monk in most ways greatly improving the Monk's offensive abilities both for army support with healing friendly forces to actively converting enemies and fleeing from counterattacks. The Missionary fares much more poorly on the defensive lacking range (although with Bloodlines, they can have more hit points to compensate for this somewhat), so for situations where they must hold out in a siege behind walls, the regular Monk performs better.

For the Spanish, the Missionary gives the Spanish far more tactical flexibility for their Monks, especially while on the offense and during the late game when the Relics have already been collected.

Units comparison[]

Units Monk aoe2DE.png Monk MissionaryIcon-DE.png Missionary
HP 30 30
Range Conversion 9 vs units 7 vs units
Speed 0.7 1.1
Line of Sight 11 9

Further statistics[]

As Missionaries are unique to the Spanish, only technologies that are available to them are shown in the following table:

Unit strengths and weaknesses
Strong vs. Slow non-ranged units, buildings without conversion defense, Knights
Weak vs. Archers, Eagle Warriors, Light Cavalry, Camel Riders, Halberdiers, Genoese Crossbowmen, Towers, Castles
Hit points SanctityDE.png Sanctity (+15)
BloodlinesDE.png Bloodlines (+20)
Range BlockPrintingDE.png Block Printing (+3 conversion range)
Speed FervorDE.png Fervor (+15%)
HusbandryDE.png Husbandry (+10%)
Conversion RedemptionDE.png Redemption (convert buildings and siege weapons)
AtonementDE.png Atonement (convert Monks)
IlluminationDE.png Illumination (regain faith faster)
TheocracyDE.png Theocracy (only one Missionary rests after conversion)
CastleAgeUnique.png Inquisition (Missionaries convert faster)
Conversion defense FaithDE.png Faith
HeresyDE.png Heresy

Team bonuses[]

  • A team containing Byzantines: Missionaries heal 100% faster.
  • A team containing Huns: Researching Bloodlines is 20% faster.
  • A team containing Lithuanians: Monastery technologies are researched 20% faster. Missionaries are trained 20% faster.
  • A team containing Teutons: Missionaries are more resistant to conversion.


The Conquerors[]

The Forgotten[]

The African Kingdoms[]

  • Missionaries no longer require a Castle.

Definitive Edition[]

  • Missionaries heal as quickly as Monks.
  • Missionaries are affected by Husbandry.


  • The Missionary is the only unique unit trained at the Monastery.
  • Unlike the Monk, the Missionary's name is historically accurate, because the definition of Missionary is 'a person sent on a religious mission, especially one sent to promote Christianity in a foreign country', and Missionaries' main purpose in this game is to convert units.


As Europeans gradually came to understand that Columbus had opened the door to two complete continents, they awoke to the desirability of converting the potentially immense native population to Christianity. The Spanish, Portuguese, and other European nations sent monks called missionaries into the New World to bring about conversion and salvation. To be a missionary required great faith, a strong constitution, and great zeal. They often were required to plunge into the wilderness amongst peoples of radically different cultures and beliefs. Many missionaries suffered despair, torture, and death at the hands of natives who resisted the message being brought to them or identified the monks with the disease and conquest that accompanied them.
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