"Follow me, and we will defend our homes!"
Misenus, in the E3 story showcase scenario

Misenus[1] (more commonly known by the scenario's player name, Mineus) was a Greek hero in the original Age of Mythology campaign. He was its original main character before Arkantos.

Background Edit

Misenus' background is unknown, although he is a follower (and "Chosen One") of Zeus. Due to his armor, he is likely to have been a general or a higher commanding officer (IGN stated[2] that Misenus was a Greek leader). Misenus also had the ability to cast down god powers, such as Meteor, Lightningstorm, and Earthquake.

Appearance Edit

Misenus wears either a bronze or old adorned armor, and golden Attic helmet, a distinctive white, player color edged cape, and originally used a long-sword (called Bastard Sword in the files). His design suggests that he was a Greek general (or Strategos), of an unknown city-state. Misenus was different from the Greek hero due to not wielding a banner.

Based on the cinematic texture (from the game's files) and concept art, Misenus face was olive-skinned, similar to the skin color of real world Greeks, and he appeared to be in his 30s to 40s. Sharing a similar appearance to Arkantos, with a larger head, and stronger facial features.

Cut Campaign Edit

Misenus is the name of the hero, in the original campaign, shown in an E3 2001 story showcase scenario, he was possibly the "mayor" or ruler of a small town somewhere in Greece, and had to defend his town from an invading Cyclops and his army.

The campaign is not known about, but was mostly likely an older version of the final Fall of the Trident.

Trivia Edit

  • Misenus is the name of both a friend of Odysseus (fitting since their armor is similar) and Hector's brother in arms, and Aenaeas' trumpeter in Virgil's Aenaeid.
  • Misenus' Voice actor is unknown, although he was played by a deeply voiced 30-40 year old.
    • He could have been voiced by Peter Renaday or Lloyd Sherr, as both of their voices sound similar to Misenus' voice.
  • Misenus was a unique campaign version of the standard hero Greek unit, which was a weaker Supremacy version of himself.
    • His Icon was originally just a zoomed in version of the standard Greek Hero unit, this was later changed to the Greek Hero icon, showed above.
  • Misenus was removed when they changed his campaign, but was reused for the Achilles unit, although he lost his Godpower abilities. Misenus models were finally removed when Achilles (for some unknown reason) became a unique hero version of the Cataphract.
    • The "Misenus" Achilles was still available in the Multiplayer alpha.
  • Misenus was only shown in an E3 2001 trailer [3]
  • Misenus models were reused for the Regent, in Age of Mythology: Tale of the Dragon.
  • According to Concept Art for the Starting CGI Cinematic, Misenus (or a character resembling Misenus) was meant to appear, as a prominent character.

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References Edit

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