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This article is about the building in Age of Mythology. For the building in Age of Empires, see Mirror Tower (Age of Empires).

The Mirror Tower is a defensive structure featured in Age of Mythology: The Titans, as a building for the Atlanteans. To be able to build it, the player must follow Helios, as they use reflected sunlight on mirrors to cause damage (However they are not displayed as a bonus on Helios' side of the choice).

The Mirror Tower does extra damage to ships (due to their largely wooden aspect) and also against flying units. They do not count towards the max number of normal towers available to build (20), but have a build limit of their own (5).

God bonuses and upgrades[]


AoM The Titans icon The Titans[]

  • The Mirror Tower costs 300 wood, 150 gold, 5 favor. It has a build limit of 10, has 20 pierce damage, and does not benefit from Armory upgrades.

AoM Extended icon Tale of the Dragon[]

  • With patch 2.7, the Mirror Tower costs 250 wood, 100 gold, 3 favor. It has a build limit of 5, has 25 pierce damage, and benefits from weapon upgrades at the Armory.


Mirror Towers are available to the Atlantean Titans Kronos and Oranos through Helios, Titan of the Sun. The towers use mirrors to focus sunlight into a burning beam that is especially strong against ships.

Archimedes of Syracuse is credited in legend with the invention of large, hexagonal mirrors mounted in towers to burn invading Roman ships to ash. There is some evidence that these towers were copied from similar towers that defended the harbors of Atlantis. Atlantean mirror towers used highly polished orichalkos mirrors which could focus beams much further and hotter than the mirrors of Syracuse.


  • Despite the story section describing the Mirror Towers of Atlantis could fire beams of sunlight further and hotter than the ones from Syracuse, the series does not attest to this, since the other variation can outrange and kill most units in one shot.
    • This is most likely for gameplay and story segregation, as having a high damage, long-range building would be overpowered. It should also be noted that the variant from Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome is exclusive to scenarios and is not buildable, unlike the Atlantean variation.
  • Originally, the Atlanteans were considered to have access to the Ballista Tower, but it was removed before any art assets could be made. The Mirror Tower is possibly a replacement for this idea.
  • Unlike regular towers, Mirror Towers can be made to move if given movement speed using the editor.


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