Minor civilizations (also referred to as minor tribes, Natives, or Native allies) feature throughout campaign scenarios and random maps in Age of Empires III. All playable major civilizations can ally with a minor civilization by constructing Trading Posts at settlement sites. Each minor civilization typically offers three technologies to research and access to at least one unique military unit; trained in limited amounts with two unit upgrades.

Players retain access to the minor civilization's technologies and units for as long as the Trading Post is not destroyed. With both The WarChiefs and The Asian Dynasties expansions, a total of 22 minor civilizations exist.

Units Edit

Native units always cost a certain amount of wood, food, and/or coin, but never population. Instead, native units have a build limit which players can increase by allying with further settlements of the same minor civilization.

From The WarChiefs, players can build Native Embassies to train allied minor civilization units at locations beyond the Trading Post site.

Upgrades Edit

All native units' hit points and damage can be upgraded first in Fortress Age by +25% for 200 wood and 150 coin and a second time by +40% in Industrial Age for 400 wood and 300 coin. The native unit upgrades from Age of Empires III and The WarChiefs are called Elite and Champion while in The Asian Dynasties they are called Disciplined and Honored. In the Imperial Age, players can improve hit points and damage again by researching Legendary Native Warriors in the Capitol for 1,500 food and 1,500 coin.

A wide array of Home City cards can boost native units.

Native mercenaries Edit

Most civilizations can send native allies from their Home City, which are technically mercenary shipments as they cost Coin. Furthermore, native units sent from Home City have their own build limit, an additional mercenary tag and they are treated by the game as different units. Because of that the visually identical native mercenaries and native units will not simultaneously select when double-clicking one of them. Military unit upgrades in the native settlement still affect both, native mercenaries and native units.

List Edit

While Age of Empires III and The Warchiefs feature Native American settlements, the paradigma changes in The Asian Dynasties to religious communities or Holy Sites (as developer Big Huge Games labels them in the game manual).

Age of Empires III Edit

Age of Empires III included the following twelve Native American settlements:

Tribe Units Technologies
Aztec native icon
Aztec Eagle Warrior
Aztec Jaguar Warrior
Aztec Initiation
Aztec Chocolate Recipes
Aztec Chinampa
Carib Icon
Carib Blowgunner Carib Kasiri Beer
Carib Garifuna Drums
Carib Ambush Party
Cherokee Icon
Cherokee Rifleman Cherokee War Dance
Sequoyah's Cherokee Syllabary
Cherokee Basket Weaving
Comanche Icon
Comanche Horse Archer Comanche Trade Language
Comanche Horse Breeding
Comanche Mustangs
Cree Icon
Cree Tracker
Cree Coureur des Bois
Cree Tanning
Cree Kinship
Cree Textile Craftsmanship
Inca Icon
Incan Huaminca
Incan Bolas Warrior
Incan Metalworking
Incan Chasquis Messengers
Incan Road-building
Iroquois native icon
Iroquois Tomahawk
Iroquois Mantlet
Iroquois Lacrosse
Iroquois League
Iroquois Morning Wars
Sioux native icon
Lakota Axe Rider
Lakota Dog Soldier
Lakota Hunting Grounds
Lakota Horse Trading
Lakota Dog Soldiers
Maya Icon
Maya Holcan Spearman Maya Cotton Armor
Maya Calendar
Nootka Icon
Nootka Clubman
Nootka War Chief
Nootka Bark Clothing
Nootka Potlatch
Loyal Nootka War Chief
Seminole Icon
Seminole Sharktooth Bowman Seminole Guerilla Wars
Seminole Bowyer
Tupi Icon
Tupi Blackwood Archer Tupi Poison Arrow Frogs
Tupi Forest Burning
Tupi Animal Lore

The Warchiefs Edit

With their introduction as major civilizations, The Warchiefs removed the Aztecs, Iroquois, and Lakota (Sioux) as minor civilizations:

Tribe Units Technologies
Apache Icon
Apache Cavalry Apache Cactus Use
Apache Endurance
Apache Raiders
Cheyenne Icon
(replaces Lakota)
Cheyenne Rider Cheyenne Hunting Grounds
Cheyenne Horse Trading
Cheyenne Fury
Huron Icon
(replaces Iroquois)
Huron Mantlet Huron Sun Ceremony
Huron Trade Dominance
Huron Fish Wedding
Klamath Icon
Klamath Rifleman Klamath Work Ethos
Klamath Huckleberry Feast
Klamath Strategy
Mapuche Icon
Mapuche Ironwood Clubman Mapuche Ad-mapu
Mapuche Tactics
Mapuche Treaty of Quillin
Navajo Icon
Navajo Rifleman Navajo Weaving
Navajo Shepherds
Navajo Craftsmanship
Zapotec Icon
(replaces Aztecs)
Zapotec Lightning Warrior Zapotec Cloud People
Zapotec Cult of the Dead
Zapotec Food of the Gods

The Asian Dynasties Edit

The Asian minor civilizations in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties are, unlike the minor civilizations of Age of Empires III and The WarChiefs, based on religious movements instead of native tribes. With the exception of the Jesuits and Sufi, all native settlements are styled as temples. The minor civilizations are:

Tribe Units Technologies
Bhakti Icon
Bhakti Temple
Tiger Claw Yoga
Reinforced Gauntlets
Jesuit Icon
Jesuit Mission
Conquistador Flying Buttress
Smokeless Powder
Christian Schools
Shaolin Icon
Shaolin Temple
Rattan Shield Clenched Fist
Wood Clearing
Dim Mak
Sufi Icon
Sufi Mosque
War Elephant Pilgrimage
Udasi Icon
Udasi Temple
Chakram Sikh Gurus
Punjabi New Year
Army of the Pure
Zen Icon
Zen Temple
Sohei Meditation
Master Lessons
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