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Minke Whales are twenty-five foot dark-colored salt-water mammals featured in Age of Empires III. Like all Whales, Minke Whales are not edible but provide a steady source of coin. They have a limit of four gatherers per unit. They are an uncommon species of Whale in the game, appearing exclusively in New England and Plymouth.


Scientific Name: Balaenoptera acutorostrata
Approx. Size: Up to 25 ft. long, 4-5 tons
Diet: Plankton

A relative of the blue whale, minkes are one of the smallest baleen whales. Baleen whales feed by filtering sea water through baleen plates on their upper and lower jaws. Minkes are typically dark gray or black with white bellies and bands of white on their flippers. They have loud voices and communicate with rasps and grunts that carry underwater over long distances.

Varieties of Minke Whales are found in nearly every ocean. Common minke whales live in northern waters. Antarctic and Dwarf Minke Whales live in southern waters.