A Minion is an Egyptian myth unit in Age of Mythology. Minions cannot be trained at the Temple like regular land myth units; instead, they are created in one of two ways. First, Nephthys' Heroic Age god power, Ancestors, causes up to 13 Minions to rise from the ground when it is invoked on land. Their naval counterpart is the Lost Ship. Second, the Mythic Age Mummy's special attack kills a unit instantly - it then returns from the dead as a Minion.

In both cases, Minions normally have a lifespan of 1 minute. The Atef Crown technology doubles this to 2 minutes, but only for Minions created by Mummies.

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Age of Mythology Edit

  • Originally, Minions had 180 hit points. With patch 1.02, they have 140 hit points.
  • Minions have 10 damage.

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Ancient Egyptians believed that, upon death, the body seperated into different parts, such as the ba, the animating spirit, and the ka, a replica of the body. Funeral customs were intended to provide the ka with all the resources it would need after the physical body's death. If not, it could become a vengeful spirit that sought retribution.

Trivia Edit

  • A Minion converted from the Carcinos will die instantly as it will receive extreme damage from the Carcinos's death.
  • In the editor, the lifetime limit of the Minion is counted already when they are spawned on the edit map and the game is not started yet. This means not only that they will die before the game is started, but also that they can't be saved in an editor map file. This may possibly be fixed with triggers.
    • This happens also with other units with a time limit, like the Mercenary
  • The Minion is the only special unit in the standard game that can be summoned both by a god power and another unit.
  • Even if the Mummy's special ability affects both human and myth units, the spawned Minion will always have the same undead human skin.

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