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The Military Barracks is a Classical Age building in Age of Mythology: The Titans that is only available to the Atlanteans. It is where the standard Atlantean military units are trained and where technologies that improve them are researched.

Military Barracks units are soft counters, that is, they are better all-rounders than Counter-Barracks troops, but do less damage against their specific targets. For example, the Murmillo does less damage against cavalry than the Katapeltes. They are also more cost-effective, assuming the enemy uses more than one type of unit.



Myth Technologies[]


All civilizations the world has so far seen have had the need to train soldiers for at least defense, if not aggression, against their neighbors. For many this training took place at a barracks, which served as both a living quarters and training ground. New recruits were assigned to the barracks and after a training period they were ready for service. At the barracks they learned the mechanics of their weapons, the drill of battlefield movements, and the discipline required to obey orders in combat.