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Milan is a large opponent featured in a few Age of Empires II campaigns. It is a city in Northern Italy.

The Age of Kings[]

Milan is featured in the Pope and Antipope level of the Barbarossa campaign. The city is part of the major allegiance of North Italian cities, called the Lombard League, which Barbarossa would come across later on in the campaign. The city is well fortified, with Fortified Walls, Keeps, and a Castle, and occupies almost a quarter of the whole map. The city is also home to a large Cathedral (Age of Empires II) in the southern reaches of the city (on a small plateau), which the player must convert to win the scenario. If the Cathedral is destroyed, the player loses the game.

Milan is represented by the Teutons, and the color is blue. This player fields Teutonic Knights, Scout Cavalry, Hand Cannoneers, and a few Monks.

In the Definitive Edition, this has been corrected, as Milan is accurately represented by the Italians.

The Conquerors[]

The city of Milan in the Attila the Hun campaign

Milan is featured in The Fall of Rome in the Attila the Hun campaign. This player is still represented by the Teutons, this time with the color green. The city looks somewhat different than it looked in the previous campaign, looking rather small yet having considerably stronger defenses with Bombard Towers and multiple Castles. Also, the city is located by the shore, which gives it an opportunity to build a small navy comprised of Fast Fire Ships. Initially, this player has Champions and Paladins at their disposal. Later in the game, they will continue to reinforce the army with Crossbowmen, Trebuchets, and Siege Onagers.

Together with the other Roman city states encountered in the scenario, this faction will attempt to build a Wonder later in the game. 

In the Definitive Edition, this version of Milan is renamed to Mediolanum, the city's original name, but it is still represented by the Teutons.