This article is about the map in Age of Mythology. For the related location, see Midgard (mythology).
This frozen land is short on food, but the waters surrounding the continent are abundant with life.
—Map description
Midgard full map.

A Midgard map

Midgard is a random map in Age of Mythology. It is one of the Nine Worlds of Norse mythology, as the land of humans.

Overview Edit

Midgard can become a booming player's nightmare, as apart from lower-than-average huntables on the mainland, it also has less wood. Spaces are quite open, so rushes are often performed on this map. Turtling is ill-advised, as choke points are non-existent.

Still, the coasts brim with Walruses and there are enormous amounts of fish to gather, so it is recommended to focus food production on the sea, as it is more difficult to exploit the resources on land, as Workers are highly vulnerable to raiders.

Offensive major gods are privileged here, thanks to the very close quarters of fighting, even on large maps, and thanks to the open spaces, as are gods with naval advantages, such as Odin (who provides four gods with naval advantages).

Environment Edit

Midgard icon

Midgard menu icon

A frigid, barren land, Midgard is an arctic/subarctic island, surrounded by a cold ocean. Huntables include cervids, such as Caribou and Deer and Brown Bears in the mainland. Stray Cows can also be found scattered across the land, and Wolves lurk around the island. Trees are scarce, and include solely snow pine trees.

Still, Midgard doesn't feature as many huntables as in other maps, such as Watering Hole, so it is highly recommended to focus one's economy to the seas. Fish are plentiful, and include Perches and Salmon. The coasts are live with corals and also feature large herds of Walruses, a reliable, if highly dangerous source of food.

Other Nine Worlds Edit

  • Jotunheim (the land of Giants, ideal for turtling)
  • Alfheim (the land of Light Elves, an eerie forest with many hills)
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