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Metaurus is the fourth scenario of the Rise of Rome campaign in Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome. The Romans must defeat the Carthaginian armies of Hannibal and Hasdrubal.

In the Definitive Edition, it was replaced by The Battle of the Metaurus.

Scenario instructions[]


208 to 207 BC

Although we have suffered grievous losses and most of southern Italy has defected to the Carthaginians, Hannibal lacks the strength to take Rome itself. That is about to change. Hannibal's brother, Hasdrubal, has recently crossed into northern Italy also and seeks to join the southern army of Carthage. If they are able to link, Hannibal will have the strength to take Rome. Defeat the newly arrived Carthaginian army before the two armies can join together.
—In-game section

Starting conditions[]


  • Destroy the two Carthaginian forces, or build a Wonder that stands.


  • Expect attacks from all sides of the map.
  • You may need to move your town to a more strategic location.



  • Player (Romans AoE Romans): The player starts with a Bronze Age base and Tool Age army in the center of the map and flanked between both enemies.


  • Hannibal (Carthaginians AoE Carthaginians): Hannibal's base is located beyond the river in the northern part of the map. All entrances are secured with Towers
  • Hasdrubal (Carthaginians AoE Carthaginians): Hasdrubal's base is located south of the player. His army attacks the player's base at the very start of the mission.


The Romans (blue) start off in the center of the map. The army of Hannibal (red) is to the north, the army of Hasdrubal (yellow) to the south. All three towns are quite basic, and must be built up. Hasdrubal has some soldiers attacking your town - destroy them with your initial forces.

The Carthaginians are a civilization best in the late-game, so make sure you have them on the run before it comes to that. Start gathering resources, and train Stone Throwers and Broad Swordsmen. Send them south, and use the siege units to destroy the enemy towers. Then use your infantry to kill all enemy Villagers. Once their Town Center is down, their Villagers are dead, and you've eliminated the troop-producing buildings, head north to do the same to Hannibal's town.

By now, you should have enough resources to reach the Iron Age. Once you have enough, start building a Wonder as you hunt for the remnants of their forces. Even if you can't find every last enemy unit and building, victory is assured through the Wonder.


Historical notes[]

Despite two great victories over the Romans in Italy and the defection of much of southern Italy to the Carthaginians, Hannibal did not have the strength to take Rome itself. A second Carthaginian army from Spain marched into Italy. Hannibal hoped that the combined strength of the two armies would be enough to take Rome and win the war. But the Romans intercepted the second army as it attempted to move south along the Adriatic Coast. The Carthaginians were defeated at the Metaurus River and their leader, Hannibal's brother Hasdrubal was killed, bringing an end to Hannibal's plan to unite with his brother's army and move together against Rome. According to legend, Hasdrubal's head was later thrown by catapult into a Carthaginian outpost to the south. Still wary of Hannibal, the Romans sent an army under Scipio to Iberia (Spain) and eventually conquered this key province. Scipio then invaded North Africa itself with his well-trained veteran army. Carthage recalled Hannibal to its defense, setting up the decisive engagement of the war.
—In-game section


Your victory at the Metaurus River has electrified the citizens of Rome, who have been exhausted by 10 years of fearing Carthaginian assault. Hannibal has been stalemated while our army in Iberia makes important gains. The war is going our way now after years of failure. We hope soon to take the war to Carthage itself.

The Romans continued their aggressive policies in Spain and then shifted Scipio's army to Africa, hoping to bring the war to conclusion.
—In-game section


Your failure to defeat the army of Hasdrubal puts Rome in a very dangerous position. Hannibal is advancing against us with the combined army. If we are not able to hold out, we must sue for peace and lose most of our gains from the last 100 years. The leaders of Rome require that you strap yourself to the ram of a trireme and put your thick skull to good use.
—In-game section
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