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This article is about the cavalry unit in Age of Mythology. For other uses of the term, see Mercenary.

The Mercenary Cavalry is a powerful cavalry unit in Age of Mythology available to the Egyptians. They are trained very quickly at the Town Center, though they only last for 40 seconds.





Mercenary Cavalry are typically used as a quick response defense force due to their limited lifespan. They can take on most units, and as they have high hack armor, they are not even vulnerable to infantry. However, hard cavalry counters such as the Prodromos will still defeat them. Mercenary Cavalry can defend a town well if the player's forces are elsewhere or have been defeated. Their near-instant training time allows them to be massed quickly. However they are quite expensive; it is worth considering keeping an emergency reserve of gold as an Egyptian player so they can be used at any time.

The Medjay improvement gives Mercenary Cavalry a 70-second lifespan, allowing them to be used offensively. They are faster than foot Mercenaries, making them better at attacking. Enemy units will be quickly knocked off by these units, and after they die, players can finish off the survivors with their regular forces.


Age of Mythology[]

  • Originally, Mercenary Cavalry had no build limit. With patch 1.03, they have a build limit of 8.


As an Egyptian you may employ Mercenary Cavalry at any of your Town Centers after reaching the Heroic Age. Mercenary Cavalry train very quickly, cost only gold and are good at countering Archers. They are primarily used for town defense because their services can only be bought for a short time, rarely long enough to make the trek into an enemy town.


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