Mercenaries and Masters is the first scenario of the Sforza campaign in Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition. Historically, it's a reference to the Sforza's campaign of 1426-1427.

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The player start with three Cavaliers, three Hand Cannoneers, and three Condottieri. The goal is to run outside of Brescia with one of the troops without being killed by the Venetian army. After the player is out of the city, they will be in control of a mercenary camp at the southern edge of the map.

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  • Visconti (Italians) - Not an active player, he's the employers of Piccinino and Sforza. He will send the player resources to recruit an army.
  • Piccinino (Italians) - Ally and rival of Sforza, he controls a camp in the middle of the map. He will attack mainly with Condottieri and Cavaliers. 
  • Brescia (Italians) - Not an active player. The city the player begins in. The goal is to free her from the Venetians, by killing all the enemy soldiers inside the walls.

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  • Lombardy (Italians) - Not an active player.  Little village scattered around the map. The player can loot the two Markets and the three Monasteries for gold.

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  • Carmagnola (Italians) - The main enemy, a rival mercenary captain. He will send Hand Cannoneers, Cavaliers and Condottieri against the player. His camp is at the eastern corner of the map. 
  • Florentines (Italians) - The secondary enemy, who will mainly fight Piccinino. They train Champions, Pikemen and Arbalesters, and occasionally siege weapons. Their base is in the west of the map.
  • Venetians (Portuguese) - The main target, inside the walls of Brescia. They defend the city with guards towers, Genoese Crossbowmen and Condottieri.

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The first part of the scenario is to escape Brescia. The Hand Cannoneers can be left aside, they're too slow and will die easily. Speed is the key; just take the Cavaliers and Condottieri.

Once in control of the camp, concentrate on one enemy composition, like Cavaliers and Hand Cannoneers to deal with the Florentines. The destruction of the enemy camps is not necessary, but it's useful to be safe in the last fight against Brescia.

Brescia is not really well defended, they don't have a great variety of units, and once the player breaks the towers the city should be cleansed quickly.

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