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General Melagius is an antagonist in the Greetings from Greece scenario of The New Atlantis campaign in Age of Mythology: The Titans. He is a military commander of the Greek city-state of Sikyos, and a very powerful hero.

Upon Kastor's arrival at Sikyos to demand an explanation for the attack his people suffered from Greek forces, Melagius assumes Kastor is hostile. In the ensuing battle, Melagius is killed, but not before sending for help from the Norse and Egyptians. He has an empowering ability like Arkantos.


Age -- 49
Homeland -- Greece
Occupation -- General

General Melagius was a greatly feared commanding officer of the city-state of Sikyos in the mythic age of ancient Greece. In Sikyos, the warrior class was the wealthiest and most politically powerful among the populace. Their social position gave them an identical stature in the aristocratic hierarchy, for they assumed complete authority as trierarchs of both land and sea forces. Not only did they instigate wars but they also led them on the battle fields. General Melagius was unusual in his military tactics in that he always directed his troops from the safety of his fortress.

General Melagius held several military posts of increasing responsibility in his rise to supreme General of the Sikyos forces, including Hypaspist, First Myrmidon, and Scout's Helper. Melagius always equipped himself handsomely with armaments; often commanding whole units of soldiers to polish every piece of armor he owned for days on end. Melagius worked tirelessly to expand his influence in the Sikyos region of Greece, ordering that huge statues be erected in his honor, organizing elaborate hunts which nearly decimated the local wildlife in the area, and mining most of the gold for plating the several Plenty Vaults of the region.