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Advances you to Imperial Age.
—In-game description

Meiji Restoration is a technology in Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties that can be researched at the Consulate by the Japanese if they choose Japanese Isolationism once the Industrial Age is reached. As soon as it is researched, the player will advance to the Imperial Age, eliminating the need to build a wonder first.


Meiji Restoration allows the player to save 4,000 food and 4,000 coin. While it can be hard to accumulate 4,000 export, especially if the player is tempted to use it in units or research, such as Bushido Principles, should the player manage to invest in this research at the right time, they can save gigantic amounts of resources and time, as they also free Villagers from building a Wonder, and they will provide themselves with an enormous late game advantage.