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This article is about the unit in the handheld video game. For the unit in the PC game, see Medusa (Age of Mythology).

The Medusa is a Greek myth unit in Age of Empires: Mythologies available to worshipers of Hera.


  • Train at: Shrine
  • Cost: 120 gold, 40 favor
  • Type: Myth Unit, Archer
  • Range: 4
  • Attack: 55
  • Defense: 30
  • HP: 80
  • Movement: 13

God Bonuses and Upgrades[]


  • Face of the Gorgon (Hera): gains +10% HP, +10% Attack and +5% Defense


  • Age I: Attack x0.6, HP x0.6
  • Age II: Attack x0.75, HP x0.75
  • Age III: Attack x0.9, HP x0.9

Hera reduces Favor cost by 2%

Hera increases Movement by 2

Hermes increases Movement by 2

  • Monstrous Rage (Hera): increases Attack by 10%
  • Sun's Rays (Apollo): gains +10% Attack


  • Unlike its Age of Mythology counterpart, this Medusa does not have the ability to petrify enemy units. Instead, that is an ability unique to Perseus.