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This article is about the unit in Age of Empires. For the unit in Age of Mythology, see Medusa (Age of Mythology).

A Medusa is a Villager-like unit available in the original Age of Empires. It qualifies as a cheat unit and is also available in the Scenario Editor as well as the campaign mode of the game. To activate the cheat code, press ENTER and type in MEDUSA. All Villagers on the field of play that belong to the player turn into Medusas. Villagers you convert after the activation, however, remain Villagers.

Being a military unit, Medusas do not benefit from technologies such as Zealotry that would otherwise affect Villagers. The unit has a special ability for being able to reincarnate twice. When it dies, a Medusa turns into a Black Rider. When the Black Rider dies, it turns into a Catapult, Heavy Catapult, or Big Bertha. When that unit is killed, it is gone for good.