All Medium Walls

All Medium Walls (Definitive Edition)

Medium Wall is an upgrade for the Small Wall which increases hit points by 100. It can be upgraded at the Granary once Bronze Age is reached and can be further upgraded during the Iron Age into the Fortification. Like all buildings, when Architecture is researched, its hit points increases (totaling up to 360) and build time is reduced.

Civilization Bonuses[edit | edit source]

  • Babylonian and Shang Medium Walls have +60% hit points.
  • All civilizations have the ability to construct Medium Walls once all prerequisites are met.

History[edit | edit source]

One of the earliest human settlements yet discovered is the city of Jericho near the Jordan River in modern Israel. This site from 7000 BC is remarkable for possessing a stone masonry wall, dry moat around the wall, and a tower. At an astonishingly early age, Jericho demonstrates that the ancients understood principles of fortification that would carry forward essentially unchanged until the development of gunpowder. The Medium Wall is a defensive structure built of stone or other substantial construction to withstand a protracted attack.

Buildings Tree
First Town Center
Storage Pit
Archery Range
Small Wall
Watch Tower
Siege Workshop
Medium Wall
Government Center
Sentry Tower
More Town Centers
Guard Tower
Ballista Tower
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