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Learn the basics of Age Of Empires III gameplay: how to select units, how to move and fight, and how to start your colony off on the right foot.

Master the Basics is the first tutorial scenario in Age of Empires III, recommended for new players.

Scenario instructions[]

Starting conditions[]


  • Select the Explorer.
  • Move the Explorer to the flag.
  • Select the Musketeers.
  • Move the Musketeers to the flag.
  • Select the Explorer and the Musketeers.
  • Move the Explorer and the Musketeers to the next flag.
  • Scroll the view until you see the next flag.
  • Move everyone to the next flag.
  • Gather Wood from trees.
  • Send a Settler from the Home City.
  • Advance to the Commerce Age.
  • Build a Barracks.
  • Train five additional Musketeers.
  • Defeat the Spanish Cavalry.



  • English Colonists (Flag BritishDE British): The player begins with an Explorer and eventually gains more units and resources as they complete the objectives.


  • English Colonists (Flag BritishDE English Colonists): They control the single Caravel near the seashore.


  • Spanish Colonists (Flag SpanishDE Spanish): Four Spanish Hussars attack after the player has trained five more Musketeers, and can be easily defeated.


The player plays as the British (named "English Colonists" in the scenario), and has one Explorer, one Caravel, three Musketeers and some Settlers (that appear after a Town Center pops out).

First, move the Explorer to designated locations (by flags), and repeat the same thing with the newly provided Musketeers.

The player must head towards a required location to set up a new colony. Then, they must continue building it and advance to the Commerce Age, after which the Spanish begin to attack. Victory is achieved when they are defeated.


  • The fact the in-game faction is referred as "English Colonists", rather than "British" refers to the fact that at the beginning of the colonization of the Americas, the United Kingdom didn't exist.
    • Scotland and England were legally separate kingdoms, until each parliament passed an Act of Union, in 1707, thus officially founding the United Kingdom.
  • There is a hidden Learicorn in this scenario. To see it, build a Dock and train a Caravel as fast possible, then transport a unit over to an area of the map the player is not supposed to be in. The player needs to do all this before the Spanish arrive.
  • This scenario is loosely based on the first attempt at English colonization in the New World with the founding of the lost colony of Roanoke between 1585-1590; the Spanish are the enemies to be defeated because at that time England and Spain were at war (Anglo-Spanish War of 1585–1604) for English aid to the Dutch rebels.
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